Posted by: jinoe | January 14, 2009

When 1+1=1

I have to be smart in these hard times.

I have two defective earphones.  One is Philips and the other was a Pioneer.  Each one has only one side of the earphones working.  The other side is busted.  I have to twist the coated wire several times to make it work.  Then, a little head movement will cut off the sound again.  Whenever I use either earphones, I can only hear music from one ear.

Will I buy a new pair of earphones?

I have been asking that question for months.  I checked the stores.  The ones I really like costs more than a thousand.  I can settle for those that are about 500 pesos.  But I remember buying my defective earphones at the same prize too and the last one was just less than a year ago.  I don’t want to throw two branded earphones just because one side isn’t working.  I want to squeeze out every cent that it was worth.

It is during these times that I need to be creative.  Maybe it was the engineer in me that caught the idea.  After thinking about it, I found a 30 pesos solution to revive my defective earphones.

I bought a spliter to create this equation.  One defective earphones + one defective earphones = one good earphones.   For just 30 pesos, I have music for both ears again.






  1. Jinoe, desperate times require desperate measures. Congratulations for coming up with that brilliant idea (now, why did I not take up engineering in college?).

    Desperate measures indeed. Lumalabas na uli pagkakuripot ko. 😀

  2. I prefer earphones that would produce high quality sound. Among the good brands is Sennheiser. You can get 1 for less than P1k. It has also the pricey ones but they are worth it.

    Pioneer and Philips are good brands but they pale in comparison to a Sennheiser in terms of durability and sound quality.

    Sennheiser have great earphones. I got the chance to test one of them and I really liked the fidelity of the sound at the lowest and highest frequencies. I have my eyes on JBL too. And hopefully bluetooth enabled. Just a wish.

  3. ey cool trick, buti na lang di ko pa na dispose my half dead earphones. but i fried my ipod again so i have been running without music for a couple of weeks now. i just sing more heheh

    Were you singing last Sunday when we saw you at McKinley Hills?

  4. Wow! That’s awesome! You’ll have to teach me how to do that.

    Hi Ganns. There’s nothing to tweak here. Just by the spliter for earphones at electronics shops. I got mine from the Electronics Boutique at ATC. Some are cost more since they are gold plated. But who needs gold to use with defective earphones?

  5. Boss Jinoe, Great Job! Iba talaga ang inhinyero…
    Parang, “why didn’t I think of that…”

    Anyway, you can expect the earphone prices to drop soon due to bad global economy, everybody’s saving their money. So it’ll be a good buy, but the question is, “do you need it?”

    Both earphones got busted when I started using them during my runs. Since I dont run with music anymore, I wouldn’t be needing them that much. But I missed listening to my favorite music while on the bus or jeep.

  6. hmmmm….good idea no? ha ha ha….very brilliant..may pagka intsik ka man gale boss jinoe.ha ha ha

  7. hey jinoe that’s so genius of you. instead nga naman of buying a new pair of earphones, the splitter was the solution. i also have a problem with my earphone, parang may loose sa loob so every time na tumatakbo ako may naririnig ako na umaalog sa loob. hay, ipon muna ako. 🙂

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