Posted by: jinoe | January 19, 2009



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  1. very nice. sayang wala ako sa wedding niyo.

  2. Congratulations, Jinoe! It’s a lovely, personal invitation, and I’m sure it’ll be a wedding to match. 🙂

  3. cute cute invite! Congrats!

    naaaliw lang ako dito! hehe

  4. Napakaganda ng inyong imbestasyon….napakapalad naman ni Queenie dahil mukhang sa ganitong bagay pa lang ay litaw na litaw na ang iyong pagiging romantiko… hehehe

    Sabagay, ang bait naman ni Que kaya swerte ka rin sa kanya…

  5. This is it. Welcome to the club.

  6. ayy. best wishes po! 🙂
    hehehe.. napadaan lang. x)
    ingat! good luck din!

  7. Congratulations!!!! May the blessings bestowed on your union be more numerous than all the stars in the sky!!!!

    Regards Mark & Tiffin

  8. best wishes to both of you again jin, hmmm, ano ang bu-ot singganon sang “Buli mo, Pie”? Sorry, maybe my IQ has really dropped so low these days 😦

    Anyways, wish you two very well again. May the wedding will go as you both desire it to happen. God bless.

  9. cute ba… pero seryoso ka nga i-print ang “buli mo, pie”? hehe… basi kug-on ka ni papa mo. maguba iya image. hehehe…

  10. Chenen!!! 😀 Yiheeeeeeeeee!!!

  11. congrats jinoe & queenie!

  12. Wow!!! Congratulations Jinoe and Queenie … :O)

  13. hala! nakibot ko sa buli mo pie nga nakabutang…

    tuod na?

    hala nalipay gd ko makakita more ilonngo bloggers diri..

  14. Congraz Jinoe!.. lapit na!..I just remember my wedding last year, the preparation is so tiring!.. after the main event parang nakahinga kami nang maluwag,we went straight to the moon! ha ha..

    Godbless to you and to your wifey to be..And more babies to come ha, para more runners of your creation!=)

    P.S. the ‘Buli mo, Pie’ is a very sexy bicol phrase..woha!

  15. 3 days to go before the big day. Congratulations and may you lives be bless with plenty kids. …. i guess your not going to be in the Greenfield race right duh !!!! wishing you the best jinoe and que

  16. Just saw your pre-nups photos… ANg CUTE ninyo! Can’t wait for the wedding photos 😀

  17. Yehey!!!! SAYA! Welcome to the club! hehehehe. This is the day!

  18. Congrats Jinoe & Quennie! Ang ganda ng prenup pics nyo parang galing sa movie hehe. God bless you and the new Gavan family! 😀

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