1,000 KM Part 2

Got this idea from Banana Running and Bald Runner. Since I got passionate about running again to reduce some pounds last April, I decided to join the 1,000km Club. I’ve been running 3x a week at Ayala. I would wake up between 5:00am or 5:30 am (usually its the latter) to start running. After some stretching and warm ups, I would run from our boarding house at Dian, turning to Buendia and have a few rounds at the Ayala Triangle.

Quoting from Banana Running: “The goal is to run 1,000km and to reward yourself every 100km.”

So here’s my second 1,000km log…
Read my first 1,000km log here.

23-Dec 26.04 3:29:08 1.78
26-Dec 11.60 1:36:00 13.38
28-Dec 30.48 4:20:00 43.86
30-Dec 5.00 48.86
2-Jan 8.80 57.66
4-Jan 32.44 4:14:33 90.10
7-Jan 5.80 0:32:10 95.90
8-Jan 5.80 0:47:31 101.70
9-Jan 9.20 1:22:17 110.90
11-Jan 36.24 5:29:47 147.14
13-Jan 5.80 0:43:42 152.94
16-Jan 9.10 1:16:00 162.04
20-Jan 15.00 1:33:24 177.04
22-Jan 22.00 199.04
23-Jan 10.00 1:06:33 209.04
26-Jan 6.51 0:38:59 215.55
28-Jan 6.72 0:39:44 222.27

Jan 8 – 100 km.  Treat myself at Mang Inasal with unlimited rice.  Plus ice cream for dessert.

Jan 22 – 200 km.  nothing special to treat myself yet.  maybe carry it over to the next 100km.



  1. wow..gus2 ko din nito para mabawasan timbaNG KO

    Kaya yan pre. Join na!

  2. uy halfway there! congrats! pa-treat ka na lang muna kay que …

    26kms ka rin this sunday?

    Hi bards, that’s the plan. 26km this sunday. But my back hurts right now after running last thurs morning. may mali yata akong ginawa. I hope to recover by sunday to continue my long run. But most probably my back needs to rest. 😦

  3. arg! pre, manual computation mo lang ba yan?

    ako pinakamalayo kong run is 15km pa lang kasi hindi ko pwedeng pwersahin ang sarili ko dahil may work me.

    siguro i can increase my distance pag naka-recover na rin yung left knee ko from injury. kusa siyang bumibigay pag nakaka 8km na ako. kulang sa grasa siguro. 🙂

  4. 80 to go! abot na abot sa target mo 😛

    Oo nga. Cramming na ako ngayon for mileage before the year ends.

  5. pre, anong watch or gadget ang pwede kong bilhin to measure the accuracy of my running distance?

    im planning to buy an adidas sportswatch that is worth 5k.

    pero meron din yung nike na may ikakabit ka sa ipod mo tapos yun na, ku kwentahan na nya yung distance. u can even upload ur result sa nike running website.


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