Posted by: jinoe | January 7, 2009

The Pre-Marital Chronicles – Entrance Song and Running on the Beach

One of the grandest part of a wedding is the entrance of the bride.  And the music being played during the entrance adds up to make it one of the most dramatic moments in the ceremony.

I am in charge in looking for the music for our wedding and I have been looking for songs that will make Quennie’s march on the aisle memorable.

There have been common choices like the classic “Here comes the bride” and the tearjerker “Ikaw”.  But these songs have been used too often that I thought of using a song that is used less often.

Finally, I found the best choice.

It is an instrumental music that won Best Musical Score in the Oscars in 1981.  Melody is quite subtle yet grand.  Most of all, the movie from where the music came from is about running which Quennie and I have come to love.  I guess you already have an idea what the song is.  If not, just view the video below.  It is the opening credits of the movie where the song was first played.

Just watch the opening scene of the movie and how it becomes appropriate to the wedding.  Beach.  People running on the shore.  Excellent view of the sea.  Quennie and I will take our vows in a garden near the seashore facing the sunset.  Naks.

So family and friends… I bring you.. the theme from the movie “Chariots of Fire”… Charing!  It’s a great movie by the way.  Also won the Best Picture on the same year.

Am I serious about this?  Hehehe…



  1. hahaha. serious ka ba talaga dito?


  2. nice one jinoe, very unique. kaya lang, di kaya mapa takbo si que papuntang altar? 😉

    Ok lang na tatakbo siya. Basta papunta sa altar. Hindi palayo sa altar.

  3. This music will surely make your guests remember your wedding! Chariots of Fire theme is a great musical score, particularly the version of Vangelis. It is one of the best power songs for runners. Baka magkatotoo yung sinabi ni Boss Bobby na mapa takbo si Que papuntang altar (slow motion?).

    Hmmm… maganda yung slow motion na idea.

  4. hahaha…jinoe!…musta na?anyway, happy new year gale sa imo kag kay quennie…

    indi ko kabati..wala speaker akon nga pc diri sa office.

  5. Indi ko familiar sa Chariots of Fire nga movie… 😦 Indi ko makita ang attachment… tsk tsk tsk!

    Anyways, enjoy the preparations… 🙂

  6. Jinoe, true story na sya ang Chariots of fire? Nalantawan ko naman na, nami guid, pro di ko mayo maintsindihan kay british accent… mayo man nga similar movie ang “Four Minutes” about Roger Bannister.

    About sa wedding… sa tingin ko OK lang sya as a song for the wedding, because of its nice melody, but unfortunately most people would remember the olympics with that song…

    Oo nga. Olympics… Kaya it would be better if Quennie carries the Olympic torch during the march instead of an overpriced bouquet of flowers. Hahaha…

  7. Jinoe,
    san-o ang kasal mo? sa bacolod?
    nami guid ang wedding song mo ba. basi magdalagan c quinnie sa altar hahaha…

  8. Imagine this. Quennie running from the other side. You are running from the other side. Both of you are in your running shoes. You meet in the center, then the ceremony begins. (I was also thinking that the whole bridal entourage should also run hehe . . . )

    Good luck in your wedding preparations Jinoe. I prepared mine in 5 weeks. Lived with my husband for 5 years. After being engaged for 11 years, I’m sure you and Quennie will come up with the most memorable wedding possible.

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