Posted by: jinoe | September 15, 2008

Lost Again

I just lost my wallet last week on the jeep. I think someone took it since I dont want to admit that I misplaced it. I was about to go home from work and take the bus when I found out it was not in my pocket. I dont have any other cash for the fare so I got backed to the office and borrowed some cash from our guard. He was the only one left at the office when I got back. It was really kind of him.


The first time I lost my wallet was when I was in church. Yep, of all places, it was in church. Like they say, Satan also goes to church. I left my bag at the anteroom since I had a part in the program. When I got back, I still had the bag. But the wallet is not there. My cellphone wasn’t there. And my umbrella was not there.

But whoever took it was kind enough to leave other important stuffs behind like the laptop. Whew.


How many times have I also lost my umbrella? I remember losing three umbrellas in less then two months only to find out that they were all given to the church secretary.

So while someone stole my umbrella in church, I got three umbrellas returned to me in church. I realized that there are three times more angels than devils inside the church. And that’s why I still go back to church after my things got stolen.


The tiresome part when losing a wallet is calling the banks and credit cards. But then it is a must to protect your finances. I called up my credit card to cut any transactions within an hour after losing my wallet.

My first wallet had three credit cards on it even though I only use one. The other two are for decorations. Hehe. And it was a trouble calling all three and asking for replacement. Also expensive for something I dont use often.

This time I just kept one credit card in my wallet.  Lesser hassle.


So is there a way to really take care of my wallet? I dont want to lose my next one.



  1. i know how difficult it is to lose your money while away from home. unlike here in bacolod where you can get a taxi and pay the fare when you arrive home. here are some of my suggestions:

    – place your bills and a credit card inside your front pocket. bring enough for your day’s allowance and a small amount for emergencies.

    – keep your coin purse in your bag to avoid added weight and bulkiness in your pocket. you can also place some bills here in case you forget to insert your money in your pocket or if your pocket got slashed.

    – don’t keep all cards and atm cards in one wallet. val also lost his wallet. good thing he doesn’t have credit cards.

    – if you’re using a backpack, make sure you place it in front of you or check the zipper from time to time. you know how many times my backpack was opened without my knowledge everytime i placed it on my back. hehe…

    – if you’re leaving without a bag, place your bills and cards in your front pockets. place unnecessary things in your rear pockets.

    hope that would help you. oh… if your pockets are not enough to place your bills, try my pockets. hehehehe…

    Ano ni ya man? Sermon? Daw si mama ka karon a. Practice sa pagka-nanay na Er?

  2. That is my biggest fear losing my wallet. It’s not the money I’m worried about but the credit cards, drivers licence , important info.
    I always carry a handbag and I dump all my stuff in it like my wallet, cel, medicine purse, fan, pepper spray, gun – he he . it’s easier to manage if everything is centralized in one big bag. I guess we just have to be extra curious next time.

    I would try putting other important items in another bag that is safe and less prone to getting lost. But I almost lost a bag too. Good thing it was still at the boutique when I got back the next day. Whew.

  3. i lost my wallet inside a church too! i figured it might have fell off my pocket and somebody was kind enough to pick it up… but not return it to me.

    it’s a good thing i didn’t have anything valuable in it save for a crisp 500 peso bill and some loose change.


    There wasnt much cash in my wallet when it got lost. On usual days, its just about 500. On food trips, shopping trips, cash on my wallet increases exponentially. Hehehe. Or I just carry along a credit card to be safe.

  4. You’re not alone, Jinoe. I have a series of posts “Of Cops and Thieves” in my blog. Read some of them sometime to cheer you up heh heh … Ako na yata ang pinaka favorito ng mga kawatan!

    You have 16 recorded incidents in your blog! You should bring some guns with you or something. Suggestion lg.

  5. Nakakapagrelate ako dito sa topic mo, nawalan din minsan ako ng wallet including some cash and my credit cards. Naku ang hirap ng feeling, parang nawalan ka ng iyong boyfriend for 10 years. Grabe talaga ang aking frustrations, mga IDs, license, wow ang hirap kumuha ng panibago kailangan pa ng police report,etc.

  6. Look at the bright side – I lost a WHOLE bag – EVERYTHING was in it including a Nikon SLR camera…

    Try keeping a really small wallet – like a business card holder. And keep things in a minimum.

    My first wallet was a long one and had plenty of cards. One ID was important that I had to get an Affidavit of Loss. This time it is the usual size and had very few cards and plenty of receipts.

  7. kalooy sa imu borge eh..pirme ka lang nadulaan…he hehe..

    kung may ara man ko pirme gakadula sa akon…ina ang panyo.

  8. i know this comment should not be on this article but i just want to tell you the that i gave your blog an award.

    Thanks Bro J. I also love visiting your blog for those reflections on running and life.

  9. Hi Jinoe. I sympathize with you so much that I felt compelled to continue my series of posts entitled “Of Cops & Thieves”. I published yesterday STORY # 15 and 16. Check it out when you’re not too busy.

  10. […] Lost Again and Again The ber months has started and I should have money.  But again, I lost my wallet.  It was also in September last year that I lost it.  Read it here. […]

  11. […] The ber months has started and I should have money.  But again, I lost my wallet.  It was also in September last year that I lost it.  Read it here. […]

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