Posted by: jinoe | September 11, 2008

Bacolod Food Trip

Whenever I return to my hometown, my diet is completely forgotten. I would usually resist the urge to eat a lot on the first day, second day, third… no. I would usually give up on the third day. It would be two servings of chicken inasal and two servings of rice at our place in Pontevedra. Plus desserts.

We went home to Bacolod last September 3. As usual, Quennie and I wanted to try Bacolod food again. Some from old familiar places and some new ones too. This time we ate at Bar21, Trattoria Uma and Calea.


Bar21 has been well known to many Bacolenos and is locate at corner 21st-Lacson Sts. I only heard about it when I was in high school as a classy bar for party goers. During our dinner my parents, I learned that Bar21 has been in Bacolod for along time already. It has grown from a small eatery to a classy restaurant. It was my first time to eat here.

I had a Herbed Chicken and a Moist Chocolate Cake for dessert. The chicken was so delicious that mama made her own recipe and tried cooking at for my niece’s birthday. The Moist Chocolate Cake was served hot. It was freshly baked and made thus the cake was still soft and moist.

I would definitely go back to try the others on the menu.

Herbed Chicken

Lengua, I think...

Breaded Chicken Fillet

Moist Chocolate Cake. Mama ate it too fast. Wasn't able to take a picture of it as a whole.

Trattoria Uma

Trattoria Uma was a new dining place. It is located in Lacson St near the L’Fisher Hotel. We haven’t seen it the last time we were in Bacolod. It’s one of the few restaurant that offers Italian cuisine. We were with friends who joined us canvassing for suppliers for our wedding.

The first impression was the price. It was expensive for Bacolod. Prices for the pasta and pizza were more than 200 pesos. This is not usual in Bacolod where you can get a satisfying meal for just a 100-150 pesos. Some main dishes in the menu even cost 700+. If you are used to dine in Manila, the prices doesn’t surprise us. But for those in Bacolod, it’s already expensive. Our friends swear that they won’t eat here again.

But a pitcher of iced tea was only 45 pesos. Good for 4 servings already.

I ordered a bolognese pasta and margherita pizza. It was delicious. I would definitely get back here and its worth what I paid for. I like how they cooked the pizza crust. It is just the right thickness and crisp.

Seafood Pasta


Pizza Margherita and ... I forgot the other half... But you can order your pizza like this. Two flavors in one.


When it comes to cakes, Calea is the place to go when in Bacolod. They have a branch at Lacson St, right beside the L’Fisher Hotel. But we ate at their branch in Robinson’s Mall. I haven’t tried their cakes yet since most of the time I order cakes at Bob’s. Erisa mentioned the Triple Chocolate Mousse Cake in her blog. So I tried it out. I also ordered the Chocolate Mousse Bombe which looks like a Choco Dome of Starbucks.

For Quennie, the cakes were like heaven. She was the one who finished it off. I found it too sweet and stopped eating halfway. Or maybe I just wasn’t in the mood for cakes at that time. The Triple Choco Mousse Cake was soft to the bite. The Choco Bombe had an ice cream like texture in the middle while the chiffon was a bit bland. I like the Triple Choco Mousse Cake. As for the Choco Bombe, I’d rather have ice cream next time.

Triple Chocolate Mouse Cake.  I dont have my pictures transferred yet for posting.  I borrowed this pics from Erisas Blog.

Triple Chocolate Mousse Cake. I dont have my pictures transferred yet for posting. I borrowed this pics from Erisa's Blog.



  1. welcome to the club of triple choco mousse cake! hehe… i’m just a text away in case you need help for the food tasting in palmas del mar. hahaha!

    i miss your mom’s chicken inasal. sayang kalayo bi sang pontevedra. but i hope i can try her other menus in the future. šŸ™‚

    For sure, you’re on the list for the food tasters. Kabalo guid kami sg gusto mo ubrahon. šŸ˜€

  2. grabe! ang sa-sarap naman nyan! We love pasta at home! seafood pasta…. yummy! You just inspired me to cook pasta tonight for dinner! Tamang-tama i just bought a bottle of olive oil.

    And I have some pesto sause at home. I would have pasta tonight too. Bon appetit!

  3. who could resist those foods that looks like it’s cooked straight from heaven!!!.. kalimutan na ang diet… let go and let’s eat… 200+ wait kuripot ako i love eating pero ang rationale ko eh pwede akong mabusog without spending too much.. that’s the fun ng food trip… maghahanap ka ng kainan na mura and at the same time satisfies your palate and your cravings.. ayos? ayos!!! glesy the great;p

    ako rin matipid. pero may magpanahon talaga na kailangan magwaldas ng pera para makatikim ng ibang putahe. šŸ˜€

  4. wow! thanks for the info about trattoria uma. will surely try it out when i go home to bacolod!

    You should try it out. I recommend it. But dont be surprised with the price of the food.

  5. yes, trattoria uma will make a little dent on your pocket if you’re used to the usual bacolod price. but then it’s worth it naman. just don’t eat there too often. hehehe…

    i forgot to text you gali when you were here. i could have given you my congratulations in person. šŸ˜€

    Thanks Glady. Wala naman ko ka-text sa imo kay sako man kami with the preparations.

  6. Kamusta ka na, bro! I miss the authentic Bacolod chicken inasal (especially the isol). Wala na ako kaabot sa Trattoria Uma because I was no longer in Bacolod pag open nila, although I used to frequent Cafe’ Uma in its old location at the Negros Showroom.

    Hi MsRay,
    Suli ta ya. I have never been to Cafe Uma. Not really into coffee. But I was it right beside L Fisher Hotel too. Im not sure if its a new branch or it is the new location.

  7. I love Calea’s mudpie!

    I’ll try that one next time.

  8. Yum Yum! ang sarap!
    wanna try the Herbed chicken!!
    hopefully i can visit bacolod one day!

  9. gutom na gutom na ako wahhhh

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