Posted by: jinoe | September 10, 2009

Lost Again and Again

The ber months has started and I should have money.  But again, I lost my wallet.  It was also in September last year that I lost it.  Read it here.


I had my atm card there.   So until now, I don’t have my weekly allowance.  My credit card is there too.  Good.  I have no reason to buy thing I want.  My IDs.  Only the school ID was important but I haven’t been to school for a year.  Discount cards.  Damn.  Calling cards.  Tsk.


What is it with September that I get to lost my wallet on this month?  Does it mean to remind me not to spend too much and start saving for the holidays?  Or it just reminds me to always keep my wallet safe.


Speaking of things to spend.  It’s Quennie’s birthday in a few more weeks.  I don’t have my wallet.  No ATM card.  No Credit Card.  Now I do have an excuse not to buy her a gift.  Again.  Hehehe.


Ey!  Finally wrote something in my personal blog. 😀


But, really.  What can I give her on her birthday?



  1. Hmmm so sorry for losing your wallet. Hmmm siguro nga iwas gastos muna.

    As for the gift mas ok pag something di nabili. Make or create a gift na lang with personal touch pa!

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