Posted by: jinoe | September 9, 2008

The Pre-Marital Chronicles – Save the Date

Finally, we have a date for the wedding.

We don’t have a mushy picture to post for the announcement. So I thought the race number idea will work for now.  The colors used is also our motif for the wedding.  Unless, Quennie changes her mind again.

April 19, 2009. Save the date.

You can visit our Wedding Announcer website for updates and details about the wedding. Click here.



  1. Jinoe, my apologies for not mentioning this on your response on my site…but congratulations to you and Quennie on the announcement! I like the race number idea.

    Take care and we’ll talk soon!

    Thanks Wayne. Im starting to like the race number idea a lot more that I want them printed on a shirt too. 😀

  2. Congratulations and Best wishes to the future groom and bride. Diin kamo mapakasal? Sa Negros?

    Thanks Ms Ray, Sa Bacolod and wedding. Palmas del Mar. You can check this site for updates on our preparation.

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