Posted by: jinoe | April 27, 2009

The Running Bs

April was a big month for me.  Aside from getting married, I also got to run in three great places in the country.  Boracay.  Bacolod.  Baguio.


Que and I stopping over for a pic in Boracay

Que and I stopping over for a pic in Boracay

I never imagined myself going to Boracay this year.  But when Women’s Health invited Quennie to the magazine launch in Boracay last April 4-5, I was able to tag along.  Women’s Health had a lot of activities prepared for the women, yet part of our agenda was a run in the shores of Boracay.  I am so excited that I even asked Patcon aka Runningshield for advice in running in Boracay.

The main shore of Boracay was about 5kms long.  Running on the sand is difficult.  My feet gets buried in the ground with every step.  That is why Patcon adviced to run where the sand meets the sea.  This part is a bit leveled and the sand is more packed.  But water gets in the shoes and makes the shoe heavy.

But it didn’t stop us from running.  We love the shores.  We just run slow and enjoyed the view early in the morning.  Dingdong aka Runmd was also in Boracay on the same day.  I run a 7km with Quennie first then another 8km with Dingdong.

with Dingdong aka Runmd in Boracay

with Dingdong aka Runmd in Boracay

Thanks to Women’s Health and Summit Media for inviting us.  More about the Boracay experience in the next blogs.


Three days before the wedding, I managed to have a 10K run in Bacolod.  It was raining and got us worried that it will also rain on our wedding day. Good thing it didn’t.

I followed the same route I run the last time in Bacolod.  I wanted to do an airport-to-airport run which would be about 15kms from the old airport in Bacolod to the new Bacolod-Silay Airport in Silay.  But I wont take that risk with the wedding in a few more days.

The route was a bit slippery due to the rains.  Upon reaching the Capitol Lagoon, I can still see a lot of runners in the area.  Made a few rounds to complete a 10km and headed back home on a jeepney.


With Team Logan in Baguio (Jinoe, Que, Michelle, Craig)

With Team Logan in Baguio (Jinoe, Que, Michelle, Craig)

Team Logan invited us to go to Baguio and stay at their place.  Upon arriving in Manila after the wedding, we immediately started packing to leave to Baguio on the same evening.

This was my second time to run in Baguio. But this time, I had a different and more challenging route.  Craig, Michelle, Quennie and I started from SM and went to Camp John Hay then back to SM.  It was a good 10km run.  The uphills are a killer.  Quennie is excited to go back on May 24 for the Baguio Run.  It wasn’t that cold.  We even had out singlets for the run.  No thick clothes or jacket needed.

The hilly, long and winding roads of Baguio

The hilly, long and winding roads of Baguio

Thanks to Team Logan for the invitation and for the hospitality during our stay in Baguio.  More about our stay at Team Logan’s HQ in the next blogs.



  1. Hi Mr. and Mrs. Gavan, Congrats and Best wishes! Looks like you have a lot of fun running during your honeymoon. That road in Baguio really really looks tough. Perhaps you both would be really fast now that you’re back in Manila. What is Baguio’s altitude?

  2. About Baguio’s altitude – Thanks for sharing the Garmin data! I’ll just look for your GF405’s datalogs 🙂

  3. Baguio is a nice place to run. We missed running on its cool climate, up-down roads and eating in their delicious foods. We could try Boracay some time. It looks like that you two had a blast touring and running in different places. Congrats on your wedding!

  4. Congrats sir on your wedding!

    The Running Ninja

  5. CONGRATS! This really proves na addict nga kayo…

  6. hi boss, great write up. You’ll have to show me how to post that garmin data. Who knows, someday I may even try blogging. See you Sunday.

  7. Ganyan pala ang honeymoon ng runners hehe 😀

    Congrats Mr. & Mrs. Gavan!

  8. wahhhhh! astig! congrats din sa wedding!


    suggestions for baby names

    girl = rafa
    boy = rufus

    haha! *batok sarili* yan ang napapala pag addict sa final fantasy. lolz!

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