Posted by: jinoe | February 19, 2009

1646: My Running Anniversary Post

It’s my 3rd Year Running Anniversary.  I started last Feb 26, 2006 during the 2nd International Pasig Marathon at the Fort.

I was the perfect clueless newbie.  I wore the wrong shoes.  I was wearing a jogging pants.  I was wearing a cotton shirt.  That is how I started.

Below is a repost from my first running blog ever.  It was still in Friendster.  I cant find the pictures anymore.

== oOo ==

1646.  That’s my number when I participated in the 2nd International Pasig Marathon last Feb 26, 2006.  Add to it another thousand and that could be my place in the competition.

Ive been planning to join a marathon.  I had my chance during Sportsfest at school but I never joined it thinking that I can never reach the finish line after a 10K run.  It has been a challenge and I was glad when I received an invitation to join the Pasig Marathon.  Its my chance to meet that challenge.

This is a yearly event sponsored by the Clean and Green foundation.  Usually held on the last Sunday of February, the race is a long 42km from Intramuros to Fort Bonifacio passing by the historic Pasig river.  There are also races for the less ambitious ones like 3km, 5km and 10km at the Fort Bonifacio.  I know I can do the 5km so I decided to take the 10km instead.

The race started at 6am at Adidas Camp Fort Bonifacio.  There were almost a thousand runners who participated in the 10km.  A prize of 10,000 pesos goes to the 1st placer.  When gun sets off the start of the race, I was suddenly afraid of the stampede of runners moving forward at a faster pace that I could catch up.  In less than 5 seconds, I gave up my chance on the prize and concentrated on finishing the race.  Surviving the race would be a more accurate goal.

I wasnt at the tail of the race.  I was somewhere in the middle sharing the spot with members of running clubs, women and gray-haired men.  It makes me proud whenever I would overtake other runners, especially those with t-shirts that are labeled “Finisher” which they got from other marathons.  Hahaha!!!  But it also discouraged me to see a young kid ahead of me.  I tried to catch up but it was clear he has the advantage.  Being overtaken by women is both happy and sad.  Sad because my ego is pierced.  Happy because the view is better from behind.  It motivates me to maintain a safe distance.

At last I was on the 5km mark where I would receive a green lace and make a u-turn back to the starting line.  I jogged all the way to the 5km mark without stopping or walking.  I reached it at exactly 30 mins and 30.1348796211565123489853 seconds.  My calculations are based on the position of the sun at that time.  By noting the latitude and the azimuth angle plus the lateral displacement from the starting line, able to come up with an accurate figure.  If you don’t believe me, then do it yourself!

The run gave me a lot of learning and experience in running.  I learned that there are running clubs that regularly train for such events.  I learned that jogging shorts are more comfortable and a lot sexier than jogging pants.  I learned that drinking cups along the way have real drinking water and not just to pour it on your head since it was obvious all the runners haven’t taken a bath yet.  I learned not to pour the cup hard on your head because it may contain ice.

Finally, I was near the finish line.  I was so happy to see the big word “Finish”.  I started to run faster to get a good time at the end of the race.  I don’t expect it to be below 1 hour since I started to walk a couple of times on the final half of the race.  But I was able to complete the race in 1 hour, 5 minutes and 42.69269236134618632415243321874613264 seconds.  Same calculation method was employed here.  So maybe next time I will target it to be below 1 hour.

As you can see, I approached the finish line without any sign of fatigue, struggle or hardship.  It was as if Im used to this kind of thing.  Haha!  I can even bet that I can run a few kilometers more.

Next year, I’ll be joining the marathon again.  And maybe some other races this year.  I heard there is a least one every month at different locations.



  1. Great first post!

  2. You really have gone far(literally and figuratively) since then. I think you’re lucky to have kept an account like this, the start of your “running life”. Ako naman, nakafootball attire nung kong run. I guess very few start running “perfectly”, we just get into it step by step, or kilometer by kilometer. Anyway, congratulations and happy anniversary! Keep on running!

  3. Haha. Wala na ba talaga ang photo mo na naka jogging pants and cotton shirt? It is funny how we all think during our newbie days. Anyhow, congratulations on your 3rd anniversary

  4. Congrats, Boss! More running/ racing anniversaries for you! 🙂

  5. Happy running anniversary, Jinoe! How’re the wedding plans coming along? 🙂

  6. Congrats bro and I’m proud of your accomplishments! Your blog and your site ( really did something extra ordinary for runners like me. The quotation below is for you bro…

    “Obstacles don’t have to stop you. If you run into a wall, don’t turn around and give up. Figure out how to climb it, go through it, or work around it.”
    -Micheal Jordan

    Happy Anniversary! Woot! Woot!

  7. Congrats migs! Grabe dasig sang 3 years ano… Damo ka na na accomplish! Go for 30 years more running! Hehehe…

  8. Happy anniversary Jinoe! After only 3 years, you have clearly established yourself as a seasoned runner and most importantly, an inspiration to the running community. We are forever grateful for your Jinoe. If there’s someone who should be elevated to the Hall of Running Fame, it should be YOU!

    Regards to Quennie!

  9. happy running anniversary, bok bok!

    gina storya ko pirme kay val ang mga running adventure mo. i hope ma inspire na gid sya mag jog uli. hehe…

  10. Keep up the good work! Run! Run! Run!

  11. Funny, amusing, honest and quite interesting first running blog. Can’t stop smiling while reading it.

  12. […] bib #1646, the race packet and the singlet with me.  You can read a recap of my first ever run at Manokan Express.  How I wished the Philippine International Marathon is still held every last week of February.  I […]

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