Posted by: jinoe | February 16, 2009

Running on a Historical Landmark

Quennie and I facilitated our church’s singles retreat at Pila, Laguna.  This was the same venue as last year’s retreat.  We decided to have a short weekend run in the area.  We dont have a specific route in mind so we just followed where the roads will lead us.

The experience turned out to be a great one.  Despite walking several times to avoid the fearless stares of dogs, we have accidentally discovered how beautiful the town of Pila was.  It turned out that we were running on a Historical Landmark  as declared by the National Historical Institute.

Again, I’ll let the pictures do the talking.
See the complete set here.

The first part of the run was mostly surrounded by rice fields and a friendly neighborhood of courteous people.

Small road with lots of dogs. The lola at the right was really happy to see Quennie running on skirts that she even said "Wow legs".

Leaving the small roads leads you to the wide highway going to Sta. Cruz, Laguna.

Church in Pila, Laguna with the Historical Landmark in the foreground.

The Historical Landmark. Quennie and I got excited after reading it that we started roaming around the Poblacion.

The church belfry. This church was moved from its original location stone by stone.

The Red Municipal Hall.

Colonial houses occupy this long stretch of the main road.

The White House. Notice the Sun and 3 Stars that adorn the front porch.

The Red House. Looks very grand from a far

The Red House. Details of the stairs to the front door.

The Yellow House.

The Yellow House. Close up of the balcony. Perfect for the dalagita to stand and see who is giving her a harana.

The Pink House

The Pink House. Details of the front porch. Must be fun during fiestas and reunions.

The Baby Blue House. Beautiful colonial window.



  1. Wow, ganda! May talent ka pala Boss Jinoe! Tumatakbong Maniniyot? –>pwede sa tagalog, di maganda sa mga ilonggo…

    Thanks Natz. Mas enjoy ko maglagan in new places. Although the tendency is to go slow, but it makes running interesting. There was a nice portion of wide roads and big acacia trees. Galing wla na battery. Tsk tsk. Nami to tani.

  2. hi jinoe, i know that place cause I’m from Laguna. Sa Sta. Cruz Laguna ako at madami akong mga friends na taga Pila. it’s nice to hear that you find Pila a nice town.

    I really like it. I am fan of historical places and things of the past.

  3. Great photos. Hailing from Laguna, I think I have been to almost all the towns in the province. I must say Pila probably has the best array of preserved old houses circling the town center square. I think the Pila houses will be considered “quaint” compared to the palatial old mansions of Negros. I supposed sugar brought more riches than copra in the old days 🙂

    That’s my next project. Silay City in Negros which has its own old mansions. Let’s compare it.

    Supposed to be last January I would run in silay, but we ended up running in Bacolod instead to save time. Watch out for the pics this April.

  4. jinoe, the owner of that “white house” is a close friend of mine and we always have our dinner or lunch in that house whenever we visit another friend who has a house in caliraya lake…hmm, i am thinking already of conducting a road race around caliraya lake. i am sure the air is clean and refreshing in the said area. nice pics!

    Wow. I guess your friend is my friend. 😀
    I always see running as a way of promoting tourism. Let them hold races in these beautiful places. It will be an added attraction.

  5. I left a reply on my last post on business permits, etc… 🙂

    Walang picture ni Que in a skirt???

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