Posted by: jinoe | February 12, 2009

Uncalled Blessings

I should be have been in Italy.

Early last year, an employer called me if I was still interested in a position I applied for last 2007. I said yes and we got thru the hiring process again. Middle of the year, I got the job and I accepted the offer. I can’t resist that offer. Although I would be assigned here in Laguna, our Head Office is in Italy and I would be earning in dollars. Plus, my first day of office will be at the headquarters in Italy for a 4-6 weeks of training.  Wow.

I started dreaming about the trip to Italy and how to budget the new salary. In my dream, I visited Venice, Florence and Rome. In my dream, I bought a PSP, a Wii, an HP laptop computer, an iPhone and a DSLR Camera. I was counting my chicks before they even hatched.

But not too fast, I can’t leave the country yet due to some issue at the Italian Embassy. Apparently, they have held the release of new visas for Filipinos who will go to their country.

I was still assured with the job and told me that some of the bosses in Italy will be coming to the Philippines for their quarterly visits. While in the country, they will work out my visa with the embassy.  So I waited, and waited. I even gave up my other plans to giveway to a possible travel to Italy anytime soon. I just waited and waited.

Today, as the global economic crisis is being felt, my chances of going to Italy has gone dim. I don’t expect anything from the employer now. The opportunity could be gone. Or they will call again once everything is getting better.  This could be in years.

I would wonder why this oppurtunity was gone.  Great job.  Great pay.  Why was it taken away from me?  Don’t I deserve it?  In this time of crisis, I would need that attractive package.  Now I am still staying in the company that is making drastic cost cutting measures like the pay cut and unpaid leaves. I am afraid that I would be wearing a sleeveless barong on my wedding since the budget was reduced.

But as different companies announced lay-offs and closures, I realised the reason why I didn’t get to start on my new job.  The company to which I would be assigned to in Laguna started reducing its workforce.  I am made to believe that this company is struggling also.  Had I accepted the job, I could be out of job by now since the service I would be doing would probably be the first to be removed by the client.

Now, I am amazed on how God leads us to unexpected blessings.  He did not allow me to move to a better job since He knows it wasn’t the best for me.  I could be in a worse situation after a few months.  Yes, I have missed the opportunity to be more financially secure.  But I am more secured now knowing that God provides what is best for me.



  1. ang Diyos ay may sariling plano na madalas naiiba sa mga plano natin. Madalas mahirap makita lalo na pag gamit lang natin ang ating mga mata. Kaibigan, ang kwento mong ito ay isang patunay kung paano ang Diyos ay sumusulat nd diretso sa isang crooked na line…

    happy blogging kaibigan…alam mo na pala ang bagong kulay ng valentine? visit may blog magpapainom ako….good day sa iyo!

  2. praise god.

    that is exactly why i let everything flows… ayokong masira ang plano ni god for me.. 😀

    this is such an inspiration 😀

  3. i agree.

    Everything happens, and will happen in God’s time.

    I particularly like this line.

    ‘But I am more secured now knowing that God provides what is best for me.’

    kudos. :p

  4. Jin, your tone sounds familiar… hehehe… After applying to some major companies there, I always wondered why my appications don’t ever push through… And I would say I’m blessed after His reasons are revealed – like this crisis now… 🙂

  5. We should not stop trying but just bear in mind that God’s plans are not always evident to us. But in his time and in his way he will keep an eye out for us.

    Regards Mark & Tiffin

  6. God intervenes for our own good. It’s His way of saying that we don’t need everything we wanted. I always believe that everything happens in God’s time. 🙂

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