Posted by: jinoe | January 29, 2009

Running Pacman for a Commercial?

There was a sudden commotion near the office just this afternoon.  Our boss came to our cube and told us to take a peek from the window.  Surely, we saw a lot of people gathered outside.  But why?

Then our boss told us its ok to go down.  And see it for ourselves.

There is a production crew.  A commercial shoot probably.  So who’s the celebrity?


Still quite far to be seen from where we were standing.  Anyway, the star was running towards us and is being filmed.  So we took a closer look.


Now, I can see some resemblance.  Is he who I am thinking he is?  How about a closer look.


Whoa!!! Si Manny Pacquiao.  Right in front of us.

Its photo ops time.  And he was quickly swarmed by the crowd.  Still Manny was very accomodating.  He was very willing to have his pictures taken with them and even signed some autographs.  He was all smiles for everyone.


So where’s our picture with Manny.  Here it is.  I tried to squeeze myself in with my other officemates.  Manny was beside our boss.  And these pictures were from our boss.  Thanks boss.  And thanks for the 10 minutes picture taking break.  😀



Since Dindo was trying to figure out Manny’s running shoes, here’s a closer look at them.  Now, have you figured it out?  Mga running addict tagala o…



  1. I was trying to figure out the shoes…di yata nike ang suot nya?

  2. ngek! eh di ba nike endorser sya? mukhang di nga nike… hehe…

  3. Nike yan… zoom elite 4!

  4. Hey Jinoe….Nathaniel knows his shoes. It looks like the Nike Zoom Elite 4!

  5. By the look of the pictures. your office is near golds gym / ATC area. Aha !!!!very close to my crib and running area. no wonder i saw you last year in Burger king. I heard that manny P. can ran a 40 min / 10k.

  6. buti ka pa may picture kay idol!

  7. Hi Wayne, Yeah I think I saw the shoes in a nike store somewhere…

    Hi Patrick, Dennis, we should invite Manny to the races!

  8. ay abaw… naga-gwa ang 5% chinese mo ay… gadula na imo mata. hehehe…

    ’twas so nice of your boss to allow you that photo break! 😉

  9. Shucks, if we only knew I am sure Tiffin would haul me and kids to a picture taking session with Manny.

    We should have a Nike Pacman 10k challenge. If you can outrun Pacman you get free nike outfit.

    I guess you have to run sub 40 to have a chance.

    Regards mark & Tiffin

  10. Sir m8parco, that’s a good idea! Pacman 10K challenge!!!

    Sir isay, ilonggo ka man? hehehe. nag niwang na guid si Jinoe no?

  11. nice pix, alaxan commercial ba ito? i heard yung 40min/10k ni manny eh paakyat pa ng griffith park.;-)

  12. omg! huwah! inggit na naman ako. grrrr

  13. wow star strucked! hehe…may bago pala siyang commercial. 😦 palabas na ba? sa youtube ko na lang sisilipin hehe.

    pabisita 🙂

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