Posted by: jinoe | January 27, 2009

Dream Run #2 – La Carlota City 22K

Quennie and I went home to Bacolod last week to finalize some arrangements for the wedding.  One thing I was excited about was a runabout. At first, I was planning to do a 42K from Pontevedra to Bacolod City.  But while we were travelling from the city to my hometown, I found the route a bit boring.  So I decided to run a 22K from Pontevedra to La Carlota and back to Pontevedra.

Partial Map of Negros

My route was to run from Pontevedra to San Enrique.  From there I’d go straight to La Carlota City.  I returned to Pontevedra using a different route bypassing San Enrique.

I’ll let the pictures do the talking.  The 22K run took me close to 4 hours to complete.  That’s because I would stop often to take pictures and did some sightseeing around La Carlota for an hour.  See the complete list of pictures here.
Runabout – La Carlota City

Early Start. Streets lights were off. The sun still behind Mt Kanloan.

Views: Rice Fields
Views: Sugarcane Plantation
Views: Bahay Kubo in the middle of the field
Views: Very calm roads. Few cars. Mostly slow moving vehicles. Great for running.
City Scene: The Iron Dinosaur. Trains used in the early 90s for sugarcanes.
City Scene: La Carlota City Plaza and City Hall
City Scene: La Carlota Church. Built in 1876.
Mango Plantation owned by the Cojuangcos.
Banana Plantation owned by the Cojuangcos.

Pili Nut Plantation owned by the Cojuangcos.

Beatiful array of acacia trees. Must be spooky at night.

No taho along the way but found sorbetes to cool me down with 5 kms more to go.

Pit Stop. Mama's idea of a complete meal after the run. There's fish sinugba, beef nilaga, chicken inasal and a bowl of rice. Of course there's the two banana. Not in picture are two leche flans. No wonder that despite the long run, I gained 2 kilos when I got back to Manila.



  1. Loved the pics of the acacia trees and the church, with the woman crossing the door at the exact moment. Ganda siguro i-b&w yung acacia.

    The acacia was my favorite pic too. As for the woman and the church, it had to wait for a fwe minutes to capture her where I wanted her to be. She was slowly walking.

  2. Sarap talaga tumakbo sa probinsya..
    Nice photos

  3. At ang sarap talaga ng luto ni Nanay.

    Yep. I am always excited to taste my mother’s cooking. Yun nga lang, tataba talaga ako.

  4. Hi Jinoe, grabe nami-nami sang pictures mo ba! SLR na camera mo? Baskug ah…

    I wish I had a DSLR. But if I did have one, it would rather be bulky to bring with in a runabout. I was using a Canon 80IS for my pics.

  5. Nice photos. Ang sarap naman ng dirty ice cream at brunch.

    Run and food goes together in Negros. 😀 Hindi ko kailangan magtipid sa pagkain dun e.

  6. nice pictures! 🙂

    Thanks. Your turn. Show us Seattle. 😀

  7. nice pictures especially the bahay kubo and the calm roads. pero da best pa rin ang luto ni mama! sarap ng weekend! 🙂

  8. Galing, sarap sa probinsya!

    I wish I could go home more often.

  9. nice run, nice pix, nice meal hehehe…

    Nice lahat. :D:D:D

  10. ang ganda. wish i had a province to go home too …or food like that to come home to after my run!

    Mother’s best tagala ang food ko dun.

  11. That’s a nice route, I’m sure pollution is not that bad compared in Manila, ang saraap!

    Oo nga. I can run for more than four hours without worrying how much pollutants I was exposed to.

  12. Nice Pictures, Jino. Stayed at La Carlota (CAC) for 5 months for a project and enjoyed the place very much.

    Hi JunC. Really? Mas matagal pa pala ang stay mo sa La Carlota kaysa akin. That was only the third time I have been to La Carlota.

  13. […] never know what you will discover.  Previously, I did a run from Pontevedra to Hinigaran, next was Pontevedra to La Carlota.   This time, Quennie and I run the Bacolod-Talisay-Silay run.  One good thing about a long run […]

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