Posted by: jinoe | January 20, 2009

My new GF

This is the Garmin Forerunner (GF) that Ambigrams Built.

I have been making ambigrams for more than a year.  I would earn in US Dollars which I would keep in my Paypal Account.  Since converting them to pesos goes thru a lot of deductions, I would usually use them for online shopping.  So far I bought rapidshare accounts and webdomains.

After reaching 1,000kms, Dindo suggested that  its time I get a Garmin as a reward.  I was hesitant since I don’t want to make big purchases months before the wedding.  But Quennie knows I want one and she was playing the devil’s advocate.  She reminded me of my Paypal Account and told me she had officemates in the US where we could ship the item to them and bring them to the Philippines by January.

After a few days of getting in touch with her officemates last December, I started browsing eBay for Garmin Forerunner 405 items.  I found one that was ending the next day and placed my bid.  I told myself that if I lose the bidding, it means that it’s not meant for me  to buy a Garmin yet.

The next day, I saw that I won the bid.  I paid the seller and asked for shipping details and in a few days, it was shipped to a US address.  Quennie’s officemate gave us the item just yesterday.

I crammed reading the manual and browsed thru the features.  I was so excited, I woke up at 3am today eager to test run my new GF.  But I got back to sleep eventually and woke up at 5am to start my run.

Meet my new GF.  With this kind of investment, I should run more often.  😛

My new GF

My new GF

Satisfied with GFs Performance

Satisfied with GFs Performance



  1. you devil you. i want 1 make me balita the performance of the 405. P.S. IN THE RACES BETTER NOT GO TO THE TOILET ALONE……..I JUST MAY ROB YOUR NEW TOY 🙂

  2. Teka, GF ko rin yan! iisa lang GF naten? hehehe…
    Congrats boss jinoe! Yes you’re absolutely correct about running more often. Sayang lang pera mo if you don’t run because of lame excuses like it’s raining, cold, etc… Bawi ka nalang sa PR’s mo in the future to get the return of your investment.

  3. Congrats on your new GF! Mahalin mo mabuti yan. Ako pala ang may sala at nagkatuluyan din kayo, hehe 🙂

  4. Uy nice! And agree, Garmin is good investment especially if you do most of your training on your own.

  5. Congrats! Dapat na ulit tayong magkitakita at ng magkakitataan na ng mga GF! hehe

  6. Congratz, jinoe.

    pwede nang gamitin for your preparations on your 1st full marathon(?)

  7. yey! pero teka, ibig sabihin ba may GF din ako haha

  8. nice-looking GF…keep on running!

  9. Jin, I thought you don’t pay anything when you transfer money from paypal to your account? Anyway, that was what my younger brother told me, that is why I send to my father through him na since the cost of sending money is getting ridiculous these days, and for me, paypal is a blessing.

    Anyway, congratulations to your new GF. I don’t use it ( I use Garmin 76Cx for hiking), but Rhoda (running) and Khai (biking) do. I know Khai likes his a lot. But anyway, yes, Garmin is a very good investment and I support you for spending and I salute Que for playing the advocate. It is not just a toy, it is a very helpful toy, in your case, a very helpful and reliable GF, but Que is more helpful and reliable I believe.

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