Posted by: jinoe | December 16, 2008

Run together, Dine together

The running community I once knew just got bigger. There are so many running blogs right and we have close to 900 members at This week I got the chance to meet a lot of them face to face.

Run Sunday

The peep met last Sunday at UP. It was my first time to be at the UP Diliman Campus. We have no idea how far or easy it is go from Philcoa to The Oblation. We took a taxi instead when it could have been just about a kilometer away.

Some of us decided to do a Long Slow Distance (LSD) while the others joined the UP ICTUS Centennial Run. I joined the LSD Group. Supposed to be we would start running at 5:30 am. I arrived past 5:30 am and we had some chat first before the actual run. We decided to start running when we saw the 10K runners starting the race already. An eyeopener that we are late for the LSD.

Ronald became our tour guide. Eric aka Shocks_5, Natz, Quennie and I followed. During the run, Ronald identified the buildings like Kalayaan, Yakal, the Observatory and the Alumni House while Natz is updating us with our GPS location with his new Garmin 405.

After about 8kms, Quennie and I separated from the group to setup the banner where the others will meet for the class picture. I rejoined the LSD after they had 1 round at the oval and I had about 4 more kilometers of run. When we finished, more peeps have gathered around the banner.

As agreed, we had our class picture, our taho sessions courtesy of Rico, another tour in UP and breakfast at Rodics courtesy of the Ronald, the birthday boy. Thanks a lot guys. It was a small and simple gathering but we are definitely looking forward for more next year. Class Picture at UP Diliman Class Picture at UP Diliman Class Picture at UP Diliman

Wacky Shots

More photos at the website.

Dinner Monday

I received a text invitation to a dinner at Italianni’s in BHS. It was a Christmas get togther with the running bloggers. I was excited since it will be my first time to be in a dinner with them. I saw their pics when Wayne was here and I was hoping another get together will happen.

We arrived at Italianni’s and as expected most of the running bloggers were there. A few more arrived and we had a loooong table at Italianni’s. Each had their own order and seatmates had their own stories. I was beside Bards, Dingdong and Mesh who shared their Singapore experience. Taki and Vener were sharing their marathons. Dindo, Gene and I were contemplating on the Pasig Marathon. And we were competing with the other tables who had their own talking spree.

Those who have finished eating started the photo ops. It was like a post race photo session where everyone was excited to get a picture with a fellow runner. And when everyone was full, it was now chaos. Some were standing up and moving around to introduce one another and trying to get a short talk with everyone. I then knew it was going to be a long night.

Finally, we had our class picture too. But it took a few more minutes before we decided to leave the place.

Class Picture of Bloggers and Friends

Class Picture of Bloggers and Friends

More photos from Vimms and Wilbert.

It was great to see you guys. Those short bonding sessions are really memorable. The running community will have a short rest for the holidays. A few more events left while many are aiming for the marathon next year. I am looking forward to see you again in the races and we will be running side by side.



  1. This is nice! Hindi ka lang pala mahusay mag recap sa race, sa kainan din. Happy holidays Jinoe & Que. I enjoyed the company, best wishes.

    Op cors Eating is my first love. Happy Holidays.

  2. Jinoe and Quennie…..awesome photos! I’m glad this happened. Happy holidays!

    Hi Wayne. Im also happy that this happened. I was overwhelmed to see so many bloggers in once place that is not on a race course.

  3. langya. inatake ako ng antok at late nang nagising! takte.

    oy natawa ako sa best post nomination mo. alavetttt

    Dapat nandun ka. Garantisado mawawala ang antok mo. Next time.

  4. It was a super duper dinner with you guys. See ya

    Great time to have it shared with you guys. Looking forward for the next looooong table dinner.

  5. Hi Jinoe, It was nice meeting you finally. Hope we have more get together with fellow runners.. Merry Christmas to you and Quennie!!

    Hi JunC. I was nice to see you too. More get together? Game ako dyan. Kahit malayo, tatakbuhin ko. 😀

  6. Congrats to all of you guys and gals, and merry Christmas to all. God bless!

    Merry Christmas to you too.

  7. kainggit! :p

    Takbo ka na rin. 😀

  8. Out of topic comment… Hehehe…

    Merry Christmas to you and Quennie… I know 2009 will be a happy year for both of you…

    To longer distances!

    Thanks MArk. A Merry Christmas to you and a Happy New Year.

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