Posted by: jinoe | December 9, 2008

Three Weekend Victories

I haven’t been diligent in posting my race recaps lately. So I am forcing myself to make one for the races last weekend.

First Victory

Of course, its to Manny Pacquiao for winning the Dream Match. I watched the fight on GMA with all those commercials and bottom banners. I watched it knowing that Manny won after the De La Hoya camp decided to stop the fight after the 8th round. It was a great victory for all Filipinos

Second Victory

I am always happy to see Quennie running more the 10Ks. She previously says that she will only run until 10K. That’s it. But now, she is challenged to run more and I might tease her to run a 21K next year.

When her company decided to have a fun run, she signed up for the 12K race. She had no choice since the other races are just too short for her. So for the past weeks, she was eager to have her training. She was determined not to finish last among the 4 female runners in the 12K category. She even had a 15K practice run which included the hills of McKinley one week before the race. That was her farthest run so far and she didnt have a hard time at it. Or it was just psychological since she has no idea how far we have run at that time until I had it measured in Google Earth.

Saturday morning came. She was dressed up for the run. I wasn’t able to join her since I have to attend church services. She was worried that it will be a boring run for her. She is not used to running alone except when on a treadmill. She brought the earphones for her phone instead and listened to an FM station while running. She also admit that she would sometimes hear my voice telling her to slow down on the downhill and never to stop and walk when going up on a hill. She recalls where I told her to run fast and where to slow down when we did our practice run.

Like Manny, she sticked to the game plan and finished 2nd in the 12K Female Category with a time of 1:26. She got herself a nice medal with a label of Elite Runner and a hydration belt. Now, Im a proud running coach.

Quennie and the Elite Runner Medal

Quennie and the Elite Runner Medal

Third Victory

Sunday was my turn. It was the Yakult 10 miler. Quennie will be resting and planned to join Nora and the kids at the 3K run instead. After a good performance in the previous NB Power Race at Clark, I was determined to run the 16K below 1 hour and 30 minutes. I think I can do it since I was able to sustain the first 20K last November at 6:00min/km. I just need to give it a little push especially on the last 5 kilometers to meet my target.

My plan was to stay in the middle of the pack and try to meet their pace. I thought that this will help me sustain a fast run and meet my target. At the race start I spotted Jonel who is one of the hardcore runners. I know he can run below 1:30 so I decided to stay close to him.

The run was mostly flat except for the two overpass at Buendia and EDSA. I run thru the overpass easily from CCP to Baclaran. At the turnaround point, I checked my time and I am still on target. What surprised me was that Prom, Joe and Patrick were still behind me. I asked myself if I was running to fast since these guys are usually far ahead of me in the previous races. And if I was indeed fast, can I sustain this pace?

I just kept on running knowing that they will eventually catch up. I can’t run as fast as they do. They have been running for years. I later learned that Prom and Jay started late since they had a pre run from MOA earlier and Patrick had an injury that slowed him down.

Anyway, I just kept my eye on Jonel who was getting farther and farther. When running back towards CCP, the overpass was now a tough hill to run. I was taking it slowly and just run faster on the flat course of Roxas to make up for the time. After the last overpass at Buendia, Jonel was quite far already and I was on my own again.

I passed by CCP and checked my time. It was only 52 mins with about 5kms to go. I started to calculate my possible finished time. I smiled. I know I can meet my sub-1:30 goal.

The last 5K was not easy. Although I managed to keep my pace, I would find myself losing steam at the last 1-2kms. I wanted to make a sprint to the finish, but I just couldn’t find the energy to do it.

But I made it to my goal. I finished it at 1:26. My fastest run so far. And a great way to end the year. My strategy to keep in pace with the middle of the pack paid off. For the first time, I was at the first half of the list of finishers.

Ok ang Tyan!!!

Ok ang Tyan!!!


  1. Congratulations on a great weekend. Yeah,were fast during the Yakult race. The middle of the pack is a good strategy. I have been trying to inch way up there. I suppose by the time I get there you will already be in front.

    Thanks Rico. It was a great run. I just realized that I had shaved of more than 20 mins from my previous 16K at the One La Salle Run last August. This was a more of a flat course so I was be able to run better.

  2. we should have a new saying, “the couple the runs together, stays together”. haha. Congrats Jinoe and see you guys again soon!

    That’s right Dennis. Im happy to have been a good influence to Quennie’s running career. *cough*cough*

    Sad to hear the Per wasn’t anle to register. Bawi na lang siya next time.

  3. congratulations to quennie and you. great run and next year you get married. the perfect gift.

    Thanks Pat. And thanks for the early Christmas gift you gave us. We love it. 😀

  4. Hi Jinoe and Quennie! I’m glad I was able to chat with you guys… Dali gawa na kayo ng ‘Sky” niyo… Tanong mo kay Quennie if she wants to borrow Sky for a “test run”… 😀

    Test run? Sa paggawa ng “Sky”? Walang akong alam sa ganun. Tanong ko si Quennie baka may alam siya. Hahaha.

  5. Great job, coach! Que is getting really strong and fast. Yay, but don’t take all the credits for it ha, hehe! 😉

    Congrats on your finishing a nice 10-miler! Ibang level ka na talaga!

    Actually na pressure lang siya kasi apat lang sila tumakbo sa 12K na female. Ayaw niya mahuli. Now the “elite runner” is not feeling well. Not used to her elite status, I guess.

  6. Congratulations to Quennie for her superb performance in the company’s fun run.

    Also, thanks a million to her for supporting my son Gio every step of the 3k way.

    And as for you, my dear Jinoe–congratulations for finishing at sub 1:30!

    And yes, I agree–the couple that runs together, stay together!

    Thanks Nora. Quennie had a good time with the kids too. ‘Til next time.

  7. congrats jinoe for your PR finish and to quenie for her podium finish too! ang bait naman ng magiging asawa mo at sinamahan pa si gio! ready na for married life…now if only she will give you your 12 days of christmas gifts!

    Thanks Jay. Dun yata hindi siya ready. Granting my 12 days fo Christmas. 😀

  8. That was a good weekend for both of you, congratulations. A medal for Que and a milestone for you. Ang bilis mo na talaga, as I watched you from the sideline, keep it up, push for more and don’t be afraid to go fast.

    I’m hearing a bell ringing here, was that for the last lap?

    Thanks Vener. And thanks for sending the photos too.

  9. That is AMAZING. Iba talaga pag love ang support! Hahaha!

    Ang pag-ibig nga naman… 😀

  10. congratz!!!

    Thanks don_Ser. You have an interesting website too.

  11. congrats Jinoe and Quennie. I already posted the pictures in my multiply site. Grab niyo na lang. Enjoy! 🙂

    Oks. Bibisitahin namin yan mamaya. Thanks Wil.

  12. Congrats to you and Quennie on a PR and a podium finish. Please take care.

    Thanks Wayne. It was a good day.

  13. congrats jinoe and queenie for your weekend victories.

    hahaha.i was a target pala and i didn’t even know.

    it would be a pleasure to run alongside and pace with you in the next race,just give me a yell at the start so we can blaze the road together.

    see you around bro.

    Ayos. May ka-pace na ako for the next goal. Pang hardcore na to. Thanks Jonel. 😀

  14. Congrats to both of you! It was really a great weekend. I’m sure in no time you will be running half and full marathon side by side. See you around!

    Thanks Bro J. Im looking forward for our first half and full marathons too. But after we reach our quota of 6 kids. Hehehe.

  15. congrats on both your runs… saw you on my way to luneta and you were indeed fast. 🙂 kaw pala dapat hinahabol ko para bumilis din ako… haha. 🙂

    Waaah… Ginawa na rin akong target.

  16. Congrats, Jinoe and Quennie! Ang galing naman… Take care and happy running…see you again soon…

    Thanks Anna. See you sa mga races soon.

  17. congrats! runner na guid kamo ah. enjoy your running career. basi mga kids nyo na upod nyo dalagan for the coming years. cute na lantawon. hehe…

    Ah oo. cute na lantawon basta indi lang magpakugos. 😀

  18. Congrats to you and Quennie! Grabe ang bilis mo na! Share mo naman secret mo…

    Thanks Dindo. Ano ang secret? I think it started when I had tempo runs once a week. Kahit 30 mins or 6K lang basta yung pang race pace. I also started doing speed intervals at the Ayala Triangle. I try to run 4 loops at a faster pace. And dapat negative splits. Pressure. I also got myself an NB826 lightweight shoes. I think nakatulong din yun during the Yakult Run.

  19. Congrats to both of you from Tiffin & Mark

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