Posted by: jinoe | December 2, 2008

Namets Guid Eh


Namets is a modern twist to the word “namit”. It is an Ilonggo word which means delicious or yummy.

Namets is the title of the movie by Jay Abello which was shown during the last Cinemalaya Festival. When my friend Alan aka Mr. Girl Trouble, text me that Namets will be shown at Active Vista Film Festival in Robinsons Galleria, Quennie and I freed up our schedules to watch the film.

I heard a lot about the film from our friends who watched it. The humor was very “Bacolod”. The food will transport us back to our birthplace. Very nostalgic. Very Ilonggo. I had a lot of expectations for the film from the reviews and it didn’t fail me at all.

Here’s the synopsis of the film taken from

Every region in the Philippines has a cuisine unique to it, and the island of Negros is no exception. Forget your diet if you’re planning to visit—from piaya to chicken inasal to guapple pie to kinilaw, Negrosanon food is irresistible.

Namets! follows the ongoing flirtation between Jacko and Cassie, two Negrenses who grew up in Bacolod City, and whose lives revolve around food.

Trouble starts when Jacko loses his Italian restaurant, Puccini’s, to a giant cockfighting debt. The moneylender Dolpo takes control of Puccini’s and hires Cassie as a consultant for a total restaurant makeover.

Cassie re-visions Puccini’s into a place that serves traditional Negrosanon food, and we are treated to the full panorama of Negrosanon cuisine and the idiosyncrasies of Negrosanon eating. Along the way, Jacko and Cassie find time to (finally) fall in love and set aside their differences.

The movie revolves about food. And showcases food in Negros. Among my favorites are the inasal and cansi. The movie even showed a father teaching the kids the proper way to eat inasal and revealed the secret ingredient to cansi that makes it delightfully sour (my mouth salivates as I write this).

The first thing I love about the film is its humor. Although only the Ilonggos can understand why saying “Yoga e” or “Buli mo” is funny, these are expressions that is part of our culture and the subtitles won’t be enough to capture the real essense of these.

But for those who doesn’t understand Ilonggo, they will still love the film with the funny scenes you can relate too. I like the part where the kid begs his father not to kill their farm animals. Its very typical for kids to cry when the chicken is being killed for dinner and how all of these animal will have names like Leonard and Raymond.

Secondly, I like how the film really showcased the Negrense cuisine. All throughout the film, I’d be salivating with the food I missed the most from my hometown: piaya, inasal, napolones and the cansi. The film made me want to take the first trip back to Bacolod where I can feast on them.

Lastly, it really showed the best of Negros. The culture, the places and the lambing of the Ilonggos. Even the cast of the film are best who all came from the Negros.

I would really recommend this film to everyone. I would even suggest that you watch this film before you visit my province. And once you are in Negros or Bacolod, try to notice how everything is Namets.

Great job to the Director Jay Abello and to the scriptwriter Vince Groyon. To the cast and production crew, you made me proud to be an Ilonggo with this film.

The DVD and VCD will be out this December. I can’t wait to get my own copy.

Links on the film Namets.



  1. Beri gud. Mayo kay ma-release gali sila sang DVD/VCD. 😀 Makalantaw gid man ko at last.

  2. wala pa ko ginlantaw, hulaton lang ko and DVD/VCD a…

    muzta kamo dra?

  3. What is Jerrie going on about? Hey Jerrie what language is that brother. Maybe I should say something in my language “afrikaans”? It will be like this Baie goed. In Mei gaan hulle die DVD/VCD uitbring.

    Jerry is speaking in Hiligaynon. I just learned during the Animo Run that he speaks and understands my dialect. He was a missionary in our province for almost two years. That’s how he learned it.

    Jerry says:

    wala pa ko ginlantaw, hulaton lang ko and DVD/VCD a… muzta kamo dra?
    (I haven’t seen it. I will just wait for the DVD/VCD. Kamusta kayo dyan?)

  4. Tani, dungan ta naglantaw! Inde ya sadya kung waay upod. Dayon, pag guwa naton, kaon ta sa Ilonggo Grill! Namets guid eh . . .

    In English: I wish I watched it with you ‘coz it’s not fun watching it alone. Then after that, we could eat at Ilonggo Grill. Yummy!

  5. Mouth-watering review. Namets 🙂

  6. malantaw man ako sina ah, kay ka-namets guid 🙂 ang proceeds sang bacolod na shows para sa tapulanga foudation, ti nami guid 🙂

  7. jinoe,
    nagkuha mo ang CD/DVD?
    diin man magkuha?

    Wala pa available Jerry. Ginahulat ko man kung sano sya magguwa. Pabal-on ta ka a,

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