Posted by: jinoe | November 27, 2008

Tale of the Tape

It was last June when I envisioned having a new website for my running addiction. What I wanted was a site that can offer more than this blog site. It will have a forum for the runners where we can discuss and share more about running. It will have a download section for the forms and race results. And an updated and more detailed events calendar.

The vision started to become a reality when I had a short chat with Vinz. He was a friend in church whom I consider as an expert in web design and anything about computers. 90% of the time, we call about the web, photoshop and photography. The other 10% is for boys only.

I hooked up with him in designing the site while I crack my head thinking of a name and the contents. By the last week of July, was born.

It started with a few runners and bloggers that I know personally who were visiting the site and some online broadcast to gather runners to visit it. The first two months was a struggle to keep the site updated and have the forums active. But as more events are coming, more runners started to visit it. More bloggers are also starting their own running blogs and asked to be included in the blogroll. And even organizers are requesting to have their events posted.

So by October, the site reached certain milestones like having 500 registered users and having its traffic doubled compared to the previous month. By November, we are exceeding the 10Gb bandwidth per month that we have to temporarily put the site offline as we migrate it to a bigger server. This all happened in just four months since the site started. We thought that the 10Gb bandwidth will last us for a year but everything was happening too fast.

Google Analytics showing the site traffic for from July to November

Google Analytics showing the site traffic for from July to November

So now, I just have to sit and wait for the site to complete its transfer and put it back online again. While I wait, can’t help but think how everything turned out right.

  1. It really helps to promote the site to friends. I was lucky to have running bloggers who helped promote the site on their website and to others. Even my birthday was broadcasted to the running community. To all the running bloggers, a big THANK YOU.
  2. Keeping it updated is a big factor. I always try my best to post at least three in a week. Good thing that we don’t run out of running events every week so I am sure I can put new updates for the website.
  3. Always have fun. Running should be fun and I try to put that on the site. With the help of the forum members, it even gets more interesting as there will be mini-EBs after every run and members are looking out for whoever wears the visor when running. The simple contests helped a lot in making it even more interesting.
  4. Get the expert. To start it right, you have to get the right resources. This is where Vinz comes in. Without his expertise in designing the header, the logo, the website, it might not be where it is today. And he just keeps on improving everytime. Check out his current portfolio of website and photographs here. Thanks bro!

If you are starting to miss like I do, just be patient. We will be back soon.



  1. Jinoe, it’s good to visit the site that I first met you on. Yes, I miss it but it’s a blessing as to why. More readers means a better website. Thanks for starting I wore the visor at work today and most everyone wanted to know the meaning!

    Have a good weekend and say hello to Quennie for me!

    Im sure you were able to explain what the word takbo is. Or made a good demostration of the word at work too. :D.
    Thanks Wayne.

  2. jinoe, your site is helping a lot of our runners in getting more information about running and running related events. you are the best!

    Thanks BR. Your support to the running community is also the best.

  3. congratulations jinoe! πŸ˜‰

    Thanks Vimms.

  4. Hey, Jinoe, I am already having withdrawal symptoms because the site is down. I miss the blogroll updates with the site; I hate having to go to individual blogs to check for interesting updates. The fora are starting to be more interesting. I believe in your vision. Just like in the Field of Dreams, if you build it, they will come. Thanks for building it.

    Thanks for the support Sheerwill. I guess your withdrawal symptoms will be gone since the site is now back. Enjoy your addiction to running. πŸ˜€

  5. is a blessing to the Philippine running community! Many thanks for putting it together. Congratulations!

    Thanks Sir Ipe. Im happy that we are meeting our goals for the site.

  6. Muntik na akong ma heart attack when didn’t appear on my screen. I immediately went to your blogsite and I found this.

    You’re sure ONE in a MILLION Jinoe! Thank you, thank you from all of us runners who benefit from

    E-mail ko pa pala yong pictures natin. Will do it tonight.

    Regards to Que. Nawala na kayo during the awarding. Kami na lang ni Taki ang natira! The Animo Run started in a disaster and ended in the same way!

    Sorry for the late announcement, but I was able to announce the possible downtime last night when I saw that the bandwidth has reached 98%. Last month, we were lucky that it reached 98% on the 31st and was able to reset back to zero the following day. This month, there were more visitors and it reached the threshold to soon. But again, we have been waiting for this to happen and I guess its about time to move to the new webhost.

    Congrats again for winning at the Animo Run. The organizers are aware of the issues and I believe they will make it up next time.

  7. Hi Jinoe,

    I was wondering why the link to your site was down — this explains it. You’ve done a great job with the site and I wouldn’t be surprised if it gets nominated to the next Webbies!!

    The next thing I suggest is organizing portions into a newsletter approach — so that it has an issue feel for features. The current approach provides updated news but features provide depth and insights. Maybe the runner/blogger community can be enlisted to contribute and then we can transform your sight into a revenue earner by getting ads in play. You can make it a personal business or we can create a fund for runners/events.

    One feature suggestion is interviewing the runner/bloggers — getting for insights into the person. The other is interviewing the event organizers and the sponsors — why they do it. You also have doctors who can contribute on health, wellness and injury prevention. Then, features on running outside Metro Manila — provincial and international sights!!!

    It would be cheaper than a paper publication but you’ll get good bang for buck.

    Enuf said — Congrats and good luck!!

    I cant help but reply to this right away.

    Thanks for the input Johnny. I was able to make a newsletter once and it is still available at the download section. Then I reverted to using e-newsletter which I stopped after getting more than 300 subscribers since there is a limitation with the module. But we’re looking into more options for the e-newsletter and hopefully send them more regularly.

    I have this project this coming December that will need participation from the running community again. It’s ready to be announced and a few bloggers/runners knew this already. Im excited to announce it next week.

    As for the ads on the site, I’m not pushing it right away although I have receive interested parties to place their ads on the site. The Google Ads are doing fine and generated enough to keep the site running for another year or two. Probably, I will open the ads for December to support the project I am planning for the yearend. πŸ˜€

    Thanks for the support.

  8. Congratulations Mr. admin and to What is really nice is that yung mga runner-bloggers nakatulong sa at the sametime yung nakatulong din sa mga runner-bloggers. Mabuhay ang!

  9. Jinoe, keep up the good work! your site is really helpful para sa mga runners. hindi pa man ako member pero daily ako nag vivisit sa site mo, more than 5x a day to check for updates. keep it going and going and going……. πŸ˜‰

  10. hello, bok bok!

    i’m not a runner nor a part of the running blogger but i enjoyed reading your running blogs and the takbo site. this blog confirmed that you’re the admin of the takbo site. i always forget to ask you if you created that site. hehe…

    congrats and wish you more luck!

  11. Hi Jinoe!

    I want to personally thank you for the The site is very useful and helpful to all runners of any form whether novice, intermediate or elite. Its kinda one stop shop loaded with timely and accurate info.

    I got all my registration forms from…thank you so much!

    More power and take care. Regards to Que.

  12. oi, sali mo ko jan! ^^ may cp# ka? hehe, text kita minsan pag maaga akong tumakbo sa ccp or moa during weekends. malay mo diba, nandun ka rin. ^^

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