Posted by: jinoe | November 26, 2008

Kwentong Barbero – Get Busy

In a previous post, I mentioned that barbers are one of the scariest people in manila. But lately, I had a barber whom I was comfortable with. Aside from the usual haircut, I get a quick massage and a short story. With my new barber, I try not to miss a haircut in a month. The header picture above was when I had a mini revolt from barbers that I havent been into one for months.

I also get nuggets of wisdom from my new barber. Its amazing how this guy can talk with sense to me. Wisdom can really come from unexpected places.

Last month, I missed a haircut. My hair grew long and he had a hard time trying to recognize me at first. He asked why I havent visited for quite some time.

I told him how busy I was at work. I started complaining about the amount of work I am getting and how often I would be rendering overtime.

Then he replied.

“You should be happy that you are busy. Look at us. If we are not busy, if we don’t have anything to do, it means we don’t earn money. But since you are busy, it means that you are earning.”

I was silent. Then I gave him an approving nod.

How true. I didnt see how lucky I am to still be busy at work. With the current global crisis, some people are worried about their job security. Knowing that I am still being given a lot of work would mean my job is still important and I still have security.

And it took my barber to remind me of that.



  1. i agree… it takes someone who are not as blessed as we are to remind us to count our blessings. it’s God’s way of telling us that we’re still lucky despite the ongoing crises.

    the best thing is, you still have quennie as i remind val, when he complains of his busy life at work, that he still has a pretty wife. hahahaha!

  2. hmmm..yeah his right…I agree…and im thankful im working till now….barbers sometimes makes sense.. musta na bro?

  3. jinoe, what can i say? i am out of touch with my barber for the past years and i heard that he died early this year. i am very sorry for him because i started not seeing him in the early 2000 when i learned to shave my head by myself. and you are right, these people are witty and smart. see you soon!

  4. SO TRUE… Most of us are lucky enough to run and have other hobbies outside work… And it’s great that you recognized the value of what your barber told you. 😀

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