Posted by: jinoe | November 18, 2008

New Balance Abzorb absorbs literally

Once in while, I check my running shoes for signs of wear and tear. It is a good habit that will tell you to start shopping for a new pair of shoes again. Hehehe.  That’s either a good news or a bad news.

After the New Balance Power Race last Sunday, I was able to check one of my old shoes. I didn’t use this for the NB race, but I have used it in the past weeks for my training runs at Ayala-Makati area. This was bought last May and has logged more than 400 kilometers already. Based on the mileage, its about time to think about buying a new pair. I still use it for easy and short runs or when it rains.

My NB 892 has the Abzorb EX technology that provides good cushioning for the feet while running. It absorbs the impact forces to the feet and lessens the occurrence of injuries. I didn’t have major injury on my foot since I started using New Balance shoes. And having these Abzorb EX helped me a lot in my long runs.

But that’s not all. Here is the best absorbing power that my shoe had to offer. It also absorbs nails. Construction nails. I dont know how I got it or where I got them. But Im happy that my shoe gave me more protection that I needed. Just imagine if I was running barefoot.


Nail is digging deep in the shoe at the bottom.

Close up of the nail.  This looks really painful.

Close up of the nail. This looks really painful.

It could have been long and painful if it entered the shoe at this angle

It could have been long, rusty and painful if it entered the shoe at this angle. Just thinking about it gives me goosebumps.

Thank God for always keeping me safe on the road.



  1. I could see that you’re a midfoot striker based on this account. You must be a fast runner Jinoe. But I can’t believe how did this happen, thankfully you are prevented. Next time run safe, eyes on the road, buddy.

  2. God is great! He is our protector! Praise God for it! Congrats on your last NB race! same with que! See you around!

  3. hmmm……. kung nike training shoes pala ang gamit ko… yare ako sa pako na yan.


    bibili na rin ako ng bagong shoes. tumatawa na yung running shoes ko eh. :p

  4. yaiks! good thing pahiga yung pasok ng pako. i will check my shoes after every run from now on.

  5. Wow!! It’s like your shoe has automatic flat-tire inflation capabilities. The nail is nasty — good thing you didn’t get injured!! That’s a great NB commercial — you should sell your story to them.

  6. napanganga ako dun ah.

  7. God is great!
    Interesting Read! Very detailed blog,thanks for sharing

  8. Hi Jinoe, grabe, I can just imagine if it entered that way wooh.. like your review on the Abzorb’s capabilities, I’ll probably try that next…

  9. yeah, new balance rules! hehe. 🙂
    if you were using lunars, you’d be in big trouble right now… ouch.

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