Posted by: jinoe | November 11, 2008

VSO Fun Run – More faces and a new MR

After getting some pains on my shins last week, I decided to run a 10K instead. This is to the delight of Quennie who likes me to run along with her every race. Too bad she can’t run with me at 25K at the NB Power Race next week. This is to my delight. Hehehe.

Early birds

MJ aka Emerts from offered us a ride to The Fort. Since he had to register, we agreed to meet early and be at the Fort before 5am. I’m already used to getting little sleep before the race, so we didnt mind getting up earlier than usual. We got to the Fort, registered and waited for the race to start.

Other early birds were Philip, the ForeignRunner. We had a little chat. A few minutes later, Prom arrived and we were surprised to see Wayne, the SFRunner, with him. Finally, we got to meet Wayne. Later, Wilbert aka VBAllRunner and Roselle, the Running Diva also arrived. Bro J was there too and we got the first photo ops of the day. Zixednats and Elizabeth from also arrived. Early birds, gets the pics.

She’s on fire

Race started a bit late. Good thing the weather was just fine for a good run. The 15K runners started first and later the 10K runners were off the starting line.

This is the second time Quennie will run the 10K at The Fort. By now, she is more familiar with the route. What I had in mind is to pace her a bit faster than the previous OctobeRun and have the usual walks after the 10K turnaround point. But Quennie have better plans.

Past the turnaround point, Quennie kept on running. I just kept quiet and run along. I dont want to suggest that she rest or else she’d take it. Forty five minutes past and she’s showing no signs of slowing down. We have run past the tough uphills at Heritage Park, still she’s not slowing down. One hour later, she’s still not slowing down.

Then, we stopped for a water break with still 2 kilometers to go. We walked for a while to take a drink. I was expecting her to beg for a 2-5minute walk to recover. I looked at my watch and look at her, “Well…” expecting that she give me a number equivalent to the number of minutes she needs to recover. But no, she gave a nod and started running again. We havent even walked for a minute. That was when I knew she wanted to run all the way to the finish.

So I gave the pace again that we were both comfortable and able to sustain. With less than a kilometer left, we increased the pace a bit and made it to the finish line with 1:12:45. That a new MR! more than a minute off our best finish.

Pictures, meet-up and a mini-EB

This is one run where I got to meet a lot of people from the blogs and from the forums of

First was Nora, the Golden Girl, who greeted us at the finish line. We were so excited to see each other. It was been a while since we have plans to meet but were postponed several times.

I dropped by BaldRunner’s Area and donated my shoes to him. I also gave the pins which I hope will encourage more runners to support the Project Donate a Shoe.

And more meet ups and a mini-EB from the pics below.

With Baldrunner.  I donated my NB1024.  I also gave the pins

With Baldrunner. I donated my NB1024. I also gave the pins

With Wanye aka SFRunner and Baldrunner

With Wanye aka SFRunner and Baldrunner

With Jay of Paul Calvin, Vener aka Run Unlimited, HighAltitude, Dindo aka RunningDATCom

With Jay of Paul Calvin, Vener aka Run Unlimited, HighAltitude, Dindo aka RunningDATCom

With DaveQ and Jay

With DaveQ and Jay

Quennie and Wayne

Quennie and Wayne

D, dhenztm Mini-EB with JanMike, a friend :D, dhenztm Mini-EB with Zixednats, elizabeth, Serge, Jan Mike, Dhenztm and Chizcake Mini-EB with Zixednats, elizabeth, Serge, Jan Mike, Dhenztm and Chizcake

Shameless Plugs

Support BaldRunner’s Project Donate a Shoe and get the pins for FREE. Read full article here.

Like my shirt? Join and introduce yourself at and get a chance to win it. Read full article here.

Runner ka ba? Get a Visor for 100 Php only. Its the same as what Quennie and Wayne are wearing in the pics. Read full article here.

The Aftermath

My shins are still ok. I think it will be ready for the NB Race. I thought I’d reduce my mileage but I was tempted to run a 15K today. Still doing ok.

Next Races

Im excited for the NB Power Race. 25K and the medal. Yum yum. Next might be the Animo Run at MOA. And finally a 10 miler at Yakult Run on December. For the complete list of running races in Philippines, visit



  1. congrats sa MR. ibang level na si Que. hatakin na natin ito sa 10 miler or better sa 21K…hahaha.

    Yep. Sasali daw sa 12K nyo. Dapat manalo siya.

  2. muhuhuu… kakainggit… 😦

    Takbo ka na rin 😀

  3. Hi jinoe, congrats on your run… nakakaingit nga eh. I emailed you your photos with que. see you again in future races.

    Thanks for the pics BroJ.

  4. Hi Jinoe! Great meeting you. Will grab our pix, ok? will repost on my blog 🙂

    Hi DaveQ, nice to meet you too. You can grab the pics bro. I can send you the file later.

  5. Hi Jinoe, another two for the road for you and Que. Keep it up. See you again at NB Clark.

    Thanks RU. See you at Clark.

  6. Congratulations to you and Quennie, pretty soon she’ll be moving up to a half marthon na. Once she runs the 10k straight, tuloy tuloy na yan.

    Yep. She might join the 12K run sponsored by their company this December. She’s getting excited about it. After 12K, 15K na yan. 😀

  7. ei! congrats kay quennie. basi madungan na kamo sa 22k in the future. she can do it. one step at a time lang. te no need for your own car na? hihihi…

    i like reading about your meeting with your fellow runners. i can feel the excitement maski reader lang ko.

    have fun in your future runs!

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