Posted by: jinoe | November 5, 2008

3 Runs and an MR

It’s been while since I had made a post in this blog. So I summarized my runs this past two weeks.

I am preparing for the 25K Run at Clark this November. So I made 3 long runs to make sure I am prepared for it. A long run for me is anything above 10K. And what is an MR? Just read on to find out.

Run #1

I just had a 10K from the OctobeRun last October 26. The distance was too short for the practice. I wanted to run more on the same day but decided to run on Tuesday instead. Tuesday came and it was raining in the morning. I usually get lazy on rainy days. But this one, I just have to run.

I got my running gear plus the running jacket. Finally, I can use my jacket that I bought specifically this type of weather. And since it was raining, I was torn between using the older shoe where I wont care if it gets wet or the newer shoe that I know have better cushioning for the long run. I ended up using the old shoe and got a small blister after the run.

Running in the rain was fun. I would love to do it again. The jacket wasnt good to keep me dry. I still got home drenched and my shoes were soaked. But it least it kept me warm during the run. I would love to run in the rain again.

I had a nice 19.2km run last Tuesday.

Run #2

I normally don’t make 2 long runs in one week. But I found running buddies who wanted to join me early mornings in Makati. The three of us were running the same 25K at Clark and two hour run was the agenda for Thursday.

While I was excited to run with other people, there were differences that I need to adopt. It wont be the usual speed run for me but a long run. So my training plan was a changed a bit. Instead of my earlier 5:30am run, we agreed a 6:00am meeting time.

The run was also a learning session for me as we shared tips on running and experiences. We all hope to get that medal on the 16th.

We had a two hour run and logged 15.2 kms last Thursday

Run #3

I was in Baguio during the holiday break for a youth retreat. I have to say that this will be my last youth retreat as a participant since I can see a big difference in age bracket while I was there. I no longer fancy collecting cellphone numbers as I used to. Hehehe.

Sunday was another long run. I decided to run from Teacher’s Park to Session Road. Thin air. Uphills and downhills. Cold breeze. I can feel how difficult it was in the first few minutes. But after a while, it just became like any other run. I just want to enjoy it.

I must have enjoyed too much moving up and down several times at the Session Road that my shins are now painful. All in all, it was a 16.8km in Baguio.

It’s an MR

This is my late recap of the Octoberun Festival last October 26 at The Fort.

This is the second time to join the OctobeRun. My first time was last 2006. I still have the singlet. For my second time, I’d be running with Quennie. Though she had several 10K already, this will be her first time to run the 10K route at Heritage Park. The big difference is the uphills which will surely give her a new test on running.

As usual, I had to be a her pacer. I dont expect a PR for this run. But I estimate that we finish the run within 1 hour and 20 mins. Before the race we have met some of the Happy Feet members and a few bloggers. We joined Mon, John Ting and Tina going to the Fort. At the starting line, I saw Bards, Jaymie, Prom and Wilbert.

We had a slow start. I wanted her to have enough energy for the hills later on the race. It was working well and we never had to walk on the first 5 kilometers. We reached the turn around point after 35 mins and 56 seconds. We are now far behind those I have mentioned above. But we didnt rush it.

This is what we have prepared for. Going uphill. It will be a tough last 5 kilometers. The first hill is right after the turn around point. We reached it strong to the top. The rest of the hills wasn’t that good. Quennie struggled at the last 3 kilometers She was already tired. Yet still willing to make a good time and minimized the number of times that we walked.

At last, the finish line was less than 1 kilometer ahead. Quennie was eager to make a sprint to the finish line. She increased her pace and we finished it together at 1 hour and 14 minutes. Still this is the fastest time we finished a race together. This is our MR — Mutual Record.

We’re looking forward to a new 10K MR on Sunday at the VSO Kabahagi Ako FUNdraising Run.

The Aftermath

I’m nursing my shins after the three long runs I made. Still doing the R.I.C.E. technique to soothe away the pain. I hope it gets better on Sunday while I make another run tomorrow morning at Ayala.

Next Races

Another busy race month. We’d be running at the VSO Kabahagi Run on Nov 9, New Balance Power Race on Nov 16. And another on on November 23. Looking forward to meet the runners from and also Wayne, the SFRunner in the races.

For a complete list of running schedules in the Philippines, just visit



  1. Whoa! Plenty of long runs eh! 🙂 More power to your shins, hope it’ll be ready for Sunday.

    Thanks Cath. Im feeling ok now. It will be ready on Sunday.

  2. Hey Jinoe, congrats on your MR. More Running, More Results, More Romance, Make Records and everything… Remember; four feet goes further than two.

    See you then,
    Vener – run unltd.

    Thanks Vener. We hope to break the MR this coming Sunday. I still have to meet you in the races. See you. 😀

  3. congrats on the MR. hatakin mo na si que mag 25K…haha

    Hinay hinay lg. Pero malamang konting tulak na lg yan. Pina riringgan ko na nga sa Yakult 10miler e. Hehehe.

  4. I’m running both the VSO and the 25k NB, hope to finally meet you

    Hi DATC. Really hoping to see you there. Im running the 10K at VSO and the 25K at NB.

  5. pre, pwede mo bang i include sa links mo (or create a special portion sa right side ng navi bar mo) yung mga schedules ng mga patakbo w/in metro (or any part sa philippines kung meron man)

    hahay! pinakamahaba ko sigurong takbo is ikutin ang buong MOA ng 2 beses. arg.

    Hi foobarph, I made a new website on running in the Philippines for the race schedules, updates, downloads, forums and more. It is now a growing community of Filipino runners. Visit 😀 Trust me, baka maging addict ka na rin sa takbo tulad ng mga members dun. Hehehe

  6. see you tomorrow!

  7. Wow, this is truly inspiring!!

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