Posted by: jinoe | October 22, 2008

Running at 2,500 feet

Tagaytay City. This is where I had my weekend run. It has been a while since I have been in this place. I used to be here often when my boarding house was still in Cavite. We would usually go to Picnic Grove and Mushroom Burger but I have never been to People’s Park In The Sky, the highest peak in Tagaytay. When our church planned a retreat last weekend in Tagaytay, I made sure I had a time for my long run. The goal: Run from Olivares to People’s Park and back to Olivares. IbanRunner told me that the whole trip would be about 16kms. Just perfect.

There are good days

Last Sunday was a great day to run in Tagaytay. The air was still cold early in the morning. The breeze was strong to keep you cool during the entire run. And the road was full of trees covering you from the hot sun.

Far away, I can already see People’s Park. You can’t miss it. And in the morning, it was even more beautiful. The sky was clear except for the clouds that moves slowly towards the peak of People’s Park. In a few minutes, you’d see it disappear. The clouds teasingly caressing its peaks while the sun would watch maliciously at the union of earth and sky. It was a beautiful sight. Makes me think of something else. Aw a…

Going Up

As expected, it will be a tough run uphill. More than half of the time, you’d be running up. Thus, I had a slow run conquering hill after hill. There are some parts that goes down and I would take it as a sign for a recovery. And once the hills are up again, I’d make a strong run to the top. I was a bit cautious since it was my first time to run here. And maybe, I was also enjoying the sight of Taal Volcano. I would slow down when it was in view. Thus, my time going up to People’s Park was 54 minutes.

A Run with the Clouds

The toughest part will be the last 1 kilometer from the peak where it was too steep. And it was the best part as well. At this point, you’d see the clouds that was covering the peak. I realized that I was actually running with the clouds. I was on top. It felt so good. Maybe this is what a “runner’s high” is all about.

Going down

The People’s Park was still closed. I just bought a bottle of water and started my run back towards Olivares. Now, everything is downhill. Having seen its beauty whle going uphill, the downhill run was faster. It was like gravity was just pulling you down. I know I would have a better time. Yet it still surprised me that I reached Olivares after just 40 minutes. That’s a huge 18 minute difference. Meaning, going uphill was really that tough to slow me down that much.

Quennie and the Third Party

While, I was sweating my ass out in Tagaytay, Quennie was with Happy Feet joining the Botak Paabilisan Road Race. She had a good 10K run at 1hr 15 minutes. And after the race, she had what she have been wanting for a long time. A photo shoot with one of running hottest personality. Zorro!

Unfortunately, I didn’t have any camera to document my run in Tagaytay.  It was one of the best place to run.  Zero pollution.  Cool weather.  Scenic views of Taal Lake.  I guess I just have to cherish that in my mind only and it remains in there.  You better run it yourself too.



  1. Ma-try nga rin yan. Mas masarap mag long run dyan kasi mas malamig, fresh air at maganda ang view. See you and Que on Sunday.

    Knowing how adventurous you are, you’d surely love this.

  2. What a place to run,. I haven’t try running at high altitude. Swthrt and i together with the kids are planning to go to Baguio this Christmas break and have a good run there. I think going to Tagaytay is also a good idea. Mas malapit pa. See you and Que at the race!

    It was nice Bro J. But very challenging too. One of the steepest run I had so far. Beats the McKinley Hills. I’d be in Baguio this weekend. Baka try ko rin na tumakbo dun.

  3. Nakita ko rin si Zorro sa Botak! 🙂

    Gusto ko ring mag run and bike going up to Tagaytay pero scary ang ahon and bundok 🙂 Nagpunta ako sa Colorado last year and tempted ako to run sa high altitude pero since I’m not familiar with the territory, sa hotel gym na lang ako nakatakbo. Maybe next time..

    I’ll see you at the NB race, good luck to all of us!

    What?! Runner tapos takot? Hehehe… If I am not familiar with the place usually easy run lg. It easy to get lost if you run fast.

  4. w0w… 16kms, sarap naman ng feeling nun… tapos sa bundok pa, dito kasi sa maynila… even though hindi ko alam kung ganu kahaba ung tinatakbo ko, hindi parin ok dahil sa pulusyon…

    Sarap dun pre. Sali ka sa mga takbo sa Manila. Masaya din kapag maraming tao kasama.

  5. Hi Jinoe. Doesn’t it feel good running at 2500 feet! One feels a little light headed but when you get back down towards sea level, one feels greater than ever. I’ll see you soon!

    It was a great run Wayne. It was a perfect day to run. Everything was perfect.

  6. Hi jinoe… sorry for the late respond. The connection was down the past few days and its on and off when I can get connected.

    It was a busy weekend last week, we had pathfinder camp out at SSD ground and being one of the leader, I had to make myself present.

    I hope you enjoy the run to people’s park. I usually goes there once a while running from AIIAS about 19k and return to Olivarez it would be around 27k. I forgot to inform you that it only open at 7am.. sorry!

    For the next few weeks, I’ll be running to people’s park. It will help to improve speed as it is running uphill. Hope to see you and perhaps we can run together next time.


    Hi IbanRunner, I really did enjoy my run in Tagaytay. I would love to do it again. Thanks for the tip.

  7. The way you described the whole experience, I can’t wait to try it myself–when I run my first 16k.

    Sorry to have missed the OctobeRUN, Jinoe. Eia suddenly got sick the night before Oct. 26.

    Are you joining the VSO? Hope to see you and Que there.

    Hi Nora, we have been looking for you. I hope Eia is doing ok now. Quennie and I are planning to join the VSO Run. Not sure which category though. I want to have the 15K but at the same time need to taper down for the 25K the following week. We might go for a 10K run.

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