Posted by: jinoe | October 16, 2008

The Premarital Chronicles – Budget Wars

The biggest challenge in staging the dream wedding is the budget. That is why Quennie and I are reading a lot of materials on wedding preps and some tips on how to save. While our budget is low compared to Manila standards, it is already considered high for Bacolod standards. One of our college teachers even said, “Whaaat!!! Pang-retirement ko na yan a!”

And we love to compare our budget with others. And somehow, Quennie and I are getting disconnected in budgeting and in a subtle way, argue on what comes in and out of the wedding.


I am sometimes annoyed by Quennie’s quest for finding the cheapest deals. She always mentions how our other friends got their wedding stuffs cheaper.

“My gown was quoted at XX,XXX pesos, while xxxx got her gown for X,XXX pesos only.”

“xxx had her invitations for this much only.”

“xxx told me that they spent just 1XX,XXX pesos for the whole wedding.”

But we’d laugh when I found a nice tuxedo that I have been thinking at Rustan’s which costs 28,000 pesos. Hahaha!!! Go girl. Save on the gown and I’ll spill the cash on my tux. Of course, the tux is out of the list now. But for my shoes.. well…


We got a quote on a cake and sealed the deal. It will be a three layered cake.  Each layer is 5 inches each. No styrofoam will be used.

“What!!!” I exclaimed, “The cake is just 15 inches high.”

I get used to seeing cakes that are more than two feet high. I got a tape measure and showed Quennie how tall (or rather small) a 15 inch cake is.

“Ask him how much will it cost to make it 2 feet high.”

We got the quote and we need to add about 2,500 for the cake. I immediately thought about the budget.

“Ok. 15 inches is tall enough. Make sure he used a tall stand for it.”

I want more. I pay more. No deal. I’d rather buy a new pair of running shoes.


I think we got paranoid with our budget when we talked with our teachers, relatives, and parents about the wedding budget. They really find it too expensive. That is what people in Bacolod will say. But if we compared it with wedding here in Manila, it’s already cheap.

I think the problem there is that these people will compare it to their wedding many, many, many years ago.

One of our teachers told us they spent about 80,000 pesos for the whole wedding in the 80s.

My parents once told me that after the wedding they only have a 3-digit savings to start a family.

Even though they know that prices have increased over the years, I think they just find a wedding more than 100,000 pesos too expensive and imeldific.



  1. Hi jinoe, well i guess you’re now feeling the pressures in planning for a wedding. One suggestion, it’s your wedding…. plan for it the way you want it to be…. expensive or not, it will be for both of you anyway. And don’t forget to plan for the honeymoon! i’m serious on this…. because when trouble comes your way in your marriage, it will be something to look back to and remember the love that binded you together. It should be the most memorable part of the wedding.

    P.S. i got a race route map of Paa-Bilisan- Botak Race on my site. i wanted to upload it to but don’t know how. I also forgot my log-in details in Can i register again? Thanks

  2. meron akong friend na magkasama na sa package ang photos and make-up…hehehe…anyway, i agree with bro j. minsan lang ang wedding. it’s up to you guys how you want to celebrate it. 🙂

  3. i understand how you feel. i was considering the cheapest option with good quality, too, for our wedding. we were just a bit lucky because my in-laws contributed for the expenses. they wanted everyone to be satisfied because they said it’s a once-in-a-lifetime event.

    you’d witnessed how i prepared for my wedding. i know you can get into your budget with a beautiful result. you can do it! 🙂

    don’t worry… it’s a part of your preparation but in the end, you can sit back and tell yourself you’ve done all those things for your wedding. just put into mind that all the effort and money are for both of you.

    you can earn the money back but your memories will stay for a lifetime. enjoy every moment of it. it’s your wedding. everything will be worth it, believe me! 😉

  4. Wedding planning is quite stressful for the couple. Set kayo priorities which aspects you want to really spend on, whether it’s the gown, the photo video coverage, the honeymoon, etc. and where you would be willing to “downgrade”.

    In our case, I wanted to spend on the photo video since that’s what we will see many years down the road. But be ready to make compromises, since realistically, you can’t get everything you want.

    And most of all, don’t to forget to enjoy yourselves while planning the wedding. Nakaka pagod talaga but it will all be worth it come wedding day.

  5. It’s not uncommon for pre-wedding wars to happen because of differences in likes and dislikes. When the going gets tough, remember that you are getting married because you love each other. The wedding may not be expensive, but make sure that it is unique in a way that the whole celebration is a vivid reflection of how much you love Que and how much she loves you.

  6. I beg to disagree. Depending where in Bacolod ka and as to “how” you part-ay or which suppliers you get 🙂 For example kung kay John Ditching ka mapatahi bridesmaid gown, one gown is already 10K 🙂 And in Manila you can get one for only 2500. Though the quality of Ditching’s is impeccable. Even with the flowers, if you get high-end in Bacolod, 50K budget for flowers is still modest 🙂 You can check with Rodriguez Flowers for the package rates.

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