Posted by: jinoe | October 6, 2008

Hope in Motion 3 Fun Run

When we joined the Happy Feet Practice Run a few weeks ago, we were invited to join the Hope in Motion 3 at Ayala Alabang. I have never run in Alabang since the is too far already. But there was a carpool available so I was glad to join them again this Sunday.

It was excited to join since it will be my first time to run in Alabang and also my first time to enter Ayala Alabang Village. I can already smell the bacon being cooked for breakfast by the residents. The night before the event, I thru the blogs of other runners and learned that many of them will also be joining the event. So part of the excitement build up as I get my chance to meet them personally.

Early Birds

Our meeting place was at Ministop at Buendia. When Quennie and I arrived, we saw a runner also standing at the corner. Chances are, he would be running too. With three running events in Manila this Sunday, there will be plenty of runners getting ready right now. He was Lito and was also waiting for Mon.

Finally Mon arrived with Sensei. We stopped over at Shell in McKinley and we tranferred to Tanya’s car. From then on, we took C5 Road on the way to Alabang. Along the way, we were amazed by the number of runners running along Lawton Drive. It was not even 5 am yet. Its a sign that a lot of people are taking running seriously. I wonder what time they woke up for the run.

The trip to Ayala Alabang was a long one. Good thing the expressway was flowing smoothly. Unfortunately, we have chosen the wrong exit. The exit at Festival was closed so we took the Susana Heights exit instead. The funny thing about being with runners in one car is how we argued that the sign 1km ahead or 300m ahead is wrong. We believe that it was longer than that. Having run 10kms almost every week, we have a good estimate of distances already. Later, we learned that many of the other cars made the same mistake in taking the exit.

We finally arrived at the venue. We prepared our running gears and head for the registration. This is where I met some of the running bloggers. Gigi aka FitMommy was there. I was glad to met her. We often exchange comments on our blog. Patrick aka The RunningShield was also there and we met again. I can still recall that it was Patrick who first called me Manok. Thus I sticked to the name ManokanRunner as my running alias in the blogsphere.

Quennie’s Problem

I wanted Que and I to run faster than our previous 10km. Our best time together was 1:13. I was hoping we could to get close to 1:10. As usual we had a slow start and planned to move faster after 20 minutes. I was ready to increase the pace when Quennie told me is having an upset stomach and needs a trip to a potty station. Ahhh.. ok. But there was no comfort room around unless we knock at those big houses and excuse ourselves to use their comfort rooms. That’s not an option though.

So for the next hour, she has to run with an upset stomach. It slowed us down and finished the 10km run at 1:20.

After the race, we had a chat with Sir Ipe about the SOS Children’s Village. We were actually standing on the village already. It houses children from 6-22 years old and supporting them until they are ready to be in the real world. The kids have houses and a “mother” to take care of them. The village in Ayala Alabang have about 80+ children with a total of 9,000+ in other villages nationwide. The kids are very lucky to be taken care by the foundation. I hope that the support we gave to the event will go a long way for them.

Apat Dapat

The slow run gave us the chance to get a good view of the houses at Ayala Alabang. Not all of them are big as mansions. Some are a modest one-story house. But yes, many house were really jaw-dropping. But the modest one-story house would compensate for something else. This brings me to the observation that four is the magic number. Houses would either have one or all of these… four cars, four big bedrooms, more than 400 square meters, four meters glass windows, four huge dogs.

Manokan meets…

The event gave me the chance to meet a lot of running bloggers. I was introduced to them, or I would introduce myself.

FitMommy – Idol ka ni Quennie. She wants to be fit like you once she becomes a mommy too. But I have other plans for her. Mwahahaha…

Running Shield – Hi Pat. Im glad to meet you again. Thanks for supporting I have seen many of your post in the running groups about the site. Pati birthday ko na post mo rin. I was really surprised about that. Thanks again.

BullRunner – Finally, I got to meet one of the pillars in running blogs. Her blog is really one of the reasons I got back into running after a lazy 2007. Congrats for finishing 3rd in the race.

BaldRunner – I thought you were not able to make it since I havent seen you at the starting line. I later read that you had an early 10k run even before the race. You were not missing in action but already in action. A snappy salute to you sir. 😀 I hope you read my email.

Photographer on the Run – I always look forward for your next runner’s profile. Hope to run with you again in the next events. Im actually thinking of something that I think you might be able to help. I’ll get in touch with you soon.

Prometheus Cometh – I told Quennie about your alias to her. She was glad to get that feeling of being more superior over me.

Bugobugo 85 – It was nice to meet you. I wonder what bugobugo means. I use the word too in Ilonggo but Im not sure if it means the same.

Of course, the other bloggers who I have previously met were also there.

Running Diva – I hope you were joking when you said that you met Paquito Diaz while running at AAV.

Mind of a Traveller – You are runnig a lot nowadays. Goodluck on the KOTR.

Unfortunately, Quennie left the camera phone at Tanya’s car so I missed my photo ops with the bloggers.

Thank you

Thanks to Sir Ipe for organizing the event and for inviting us to join. Its a rare experience to get inside this village. Thanks to Tanya and Sir Mon for the ride. And thanks to the Happy Feet people who made running happier. Que and I dont have to run alone again.

The Aftermath

Since it was slow run, Quennie and I did not get any muscle pains. Quennie dashed to the comfort room when she arrived at the boarding house. After that, she told me she is ready to run again. Yah right… But we both lack sleep since we woke up early than the usual run at nearer places. Woke up at 5pm.

Next Runs

I will miss the KOTR this Saturday and many other runs after that. I was hoping to join Botak Paabilisan but we will have a church small group retreat on the same weekend in Tagaytay. Im planning to run on that Sunday from Tagaytay to AIIAS in Silang and meet IbanRunner and High Altitude. Since I got to be the head of the organizing committee for the retreat, I can pretty do much what I want to. Hehehe…

So my next road race might be at the OctobeRun. And I am looking forward to the New Balance Power Race on November. For the complete list of running events, you can visit

Wide roads and big trees at Ayala Alabang Village

Wide roads and big trees at Ayala Alabang Village

Gate of La Salle Zobel

Gate of La Salle Zobel

Dream House #1

Dream House #1

Dream House #2

Dream House #2

Dream House #3

Dream House #3



  1. Hi Jinoe,

    Many thanks for the kind words and for the support to the children.

    I’m glad that you fellas did not have any aching muscles and that you had a nice time.

    Dream house No. 1, which is along Acacia Avenue is the house of the Sultan of Brunei. Its interiors are magnificent!

    Dream house No. 2 – I have always been intrigued by this house whenever I run in University Avenue.

    Dream house No. 3 – This house is cool. Simple design and modern. It was completed if I’m not mistaken early 2008.

    I hope that you can run again in Ayala Alabang. See you at the KOTR run.

    All the best and God bless

    Huwaw… so that is the sultan’s house. Any idea if they have a job opening there? Hehehe…

  2. Nice meeting you finally jinoe. Shempre we have to make kunwari that the women are superior di ba? mwahahahaha

  3. jinoe, hindi na ata complete and weekends ko kapag walang run. we will miss you this saturday sa KOTR. di bale dami pang runs. hi daw pala sa inyo ni que sabi ni jez.

  4. congrats on your run jinoe and que! that is what you call “for better or for worse” walang iwanan. God bless!

  5. It was nice to finally get to talk to you. Quennie is very lucky to marry a man like you. Your Pictures are very funny. oh by the way Dream house no.1 is owned by Franco Laurel his wife was the former wife of the sultan of brunei. Franco is a very nice person. See you soon and thank you so much again.

  6. How inspiring! Thanks to your notes, I realize that I’ve a long way to go before I can even hope to match your pace! LOL

  7. It’s sad that this run was scheduled a week before KOTR. I could have joined but wait… 10k pala to. Di pa rin pala ako makakasali heh heh… I’m still training for 10k kaya for the meantime, 5k races lang muna.

    Once again, you have proved your great love for your bride-to-be. Swerte talaga ni Que. She is truly blessed to have you as her life partner.

    See you both at the OctobeRun Festival!

  8. Ano ba naman, at ngayon ko lang nabasa ito? Ano naman plano mo sa loves mo at ayaw mo siya maging fit ? Heheheh

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