Posted by: jinoe | October 3, 2008

.MOV 3

My high school friends and I went to watch .mov 3 at Robinson’s Galleria last Wednesday to view the screening of our high classmate’s shortfilm.

.MOV is a filmfest of movies from digital filmmakers which started last 2002. This year, films are shown at Robinson’s Galleria from September 30 to October 7, 2008. This is also being shown simultaneously at Bacolod, Dumaguete, and Iloilo.

I like watching indie films for its more realistic and raw approach to a story. No fancy gimiks. No mushy scripts. No explosive special effects. But the essence of the movie is there. It has more thought provoking dialogues and more real life stories. The makers of the film are more concerned on the message they will convey than the money they will get.

However, I would agree that some indie films are challenging. Sometimes you watch the film and say “I dont get it”. You’d go home unsatisfied and still thinking why you watched it in the first place. It takes patience and an open mind to appreciate them.

Last Wednesday, we watched 5 short films. Some are about 30 minutes while others wont take more than 10 minutes.

ANDONG – It is a story of a kid named Andong who is addicted to TV. They don’t own a TV set but he found hope in a raffle draw where they can win a colored TV. But he needs 20 pesos to buy the ticket. You’d love Andong in his pilosopo approach. A funny movie and the script was able to capture the child’s addiction.

NEKRO – This one is a bit disturbing since it deals with dead people. But after watching the film, you’d get the idea behind everything that was used in the film. There is some suspense at the start of the movie as you try to guess out who among the employees in a funeral parlor has necrophilia. In the end, you’d laugh at how karma comes full circle to the culprit.

SALING PUSA – This one is cute and adorable. A girl joins a group of tambay in a game of pusoy. While the men bet on money and weapons, the girl would bet on her doll and flower. Sometime you lose. Sometimes you win. But the ending will surprise you and let you realize that she is still just a child afterall.

TIANGGE – Here’s an example of an “I don’t get it”. First it focused on the tiangge, then on inday who takes care of the tiangge, then finally focuses on the kids who buys at the tiangge. I was not able to get the story behind it and I never got to piece each scene together.

VTR – is a film by our high school classmate. And this is an example of a movie that needs an open mind. Its not your typical movie that has a set of characters and a script. The film will start with a girl’s face talking to the camera and ends with the same girl talking to the camera. The dialogue between the cameraman and the girl is slow to develop. You’d get impatient as to where the whole thing would lead. But stay for a few more minutes and you’d get the picture. It’s more like an improvisation and the characters were able to pull it off in 10 minutes or less. This is a rare skill in entertainment. Often used in humor. It is quite new to see it done in a mild drama.

If you want to get some indie entertainment, you can still watch other films until October 7 at the Robinson’s Galleria.

Visit the .MOV 3 website here to know more about the festival and to see the screening schedules.
You can also visit our friend’s multiply website, Momentaries, to view excerpts from his other works.



  1. i attended the presscon a few days ago. i’d really love to watch the movies here.

    ilonggo ka man gali? ehehe

    Hi Eric. Try to watch their films. It’s a different experience. Yep Ilonggo man ko. Sa USLS man ko nag-grad.

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