Posted by: jinoe | September 29, 2008

A Happy Recovery

After a “broke back” episode last week that got me off the track for seven days, I’m back on the road. A happy one for me and an instant surprise for Que.

A week of waiting

The back pain persisted until Thursday. I was not able to do my morning runs. I would wake up feeling a twist on my back and have a hard time standing up. How much more if I run?

Thanks for those who commented on my previous blog wishing me well and for the advise. I did my stretching. I tried sleeping on my side. By Friday, I was able to do a short run.

The Happy Invitation

I was reading the threads at Happy Feet last week. I read that they are planning to have a practice run at Makati on Sunday. Since I jog there on Sunday, why not join the group.

I first knew about the Happy Feet Group when I met my friend Chum during one of the road races at MOA last 2007. We were dancing buddies at our previous company. I never knew he also run.

He told me he was a member of the Happy Feet. Happy what? Then I read the name on this shirt and shorts and got the name right. I though it was still related to dancing since the movie Happy Feet was quite new at that time. But that’s a good name for a running club.

I never got to see Chum running again. I understand he is on a business trip right now outside of the country. But I still get to hear about the group thru blogs and eventually signed up at the Yahoo Groups.

When I read about the run this Sunday, I was hoping my back would be ok by then so that I can join. I also asked the group where they would meet and they were kind enough to provide the map. Salcedo Park was near the Ayala Triangle where I use to run alone or with Que.

I did a little research first. I tried to look for the names who would be joining so that I can get along with them. It is only Mon who I got to meet personally and I hope I would be able to memorize all their names after the run.

So this is Happy Feet

Sunday came. I was excited. Que came along and we were ready to get to a bus to Makati when we found Mon at the corner with another woman. Oh… That doesn’t sound right. I mean, with another runner. It was Doc Gigi. Later I found out that she was also an Illongga from Victorias City.

Then a car came. It was Tanya Lara. She’s a writer for the Philippine Star. We got to ride with them to the park. When we got to the park, the other runners arrive. Now, I had to recall their names and sometimes even the usernames. I am weak with names so I would keep asking Que what was his or her name again.

Finally, the group was complete and the run started. I really don’t know the plan. I guess there was no plan to start with. From the Salcedo Park, we run to Legaspi Park at the other side of Ayala. Then McKinley Road and The Fort. There was a debate as to continue to Heritage Park. Eventually, we ended at McKinley Hills and run our way back to Salcedo.

I know that the Happy Feet will have a breakfast together and we had it at McDonalds. The breakfast and the talk was just as long as the run was.

The not-so-better-feeling-half

All the while, I was worried with Que. I was quite hesitant to invite her because she haven’t run for a while since the Miracle Run last August. I don’t know how long the run was or how fast they will go. But Que was willing to join.

When I started running, Quennie said she’d just join the kids at 3K. Later, she joined a 5K and told me that will be her farthest run. Then, she was challenged to run a 10K and told me that it will be really her farthest this time, ever. Truth be told, she lied to me again.

She never joined me to McKinley before on my Sunday runs. But today she did. She never run for more than 2 hours. But today she did. She never run more than 10K before. But today she did. We run a total to 12.39kms. The farthest run for Quennie. Har har har. Do I get to see a 10miler from her soon?

Many names and faces

We had a great time running with the Happy Feet. It was a big change in my runs. I often run alone but now I got to run with a big group. Being with Happy Feet is a fun experience, especially the breakfast talk afterwards. I get know to more about them and most especially those who were not around since they are pretty much the meat of the topics. And I guess Que and I are now the new recruits of Happy Feet. Thanks again to everyone.

The Happy Feet Gang last Sunday.

The Happy Feet Gang last Sunday. Others haven’t arrived yet. I hope I get the roll call correct here.
Seated (L-R) Roselle, “Master Sensie” John, Wilbert, Art.
Standing (L-R) Tintin, Mon, Tanya, Bobby, Vimma, Gigi, Jesse, Del, Ipe, Jinoe

The Running Bee!!!

The Running Bee!!!

I also got the meet Bards while running at The Fort. Hi Bards. It was nice to meet you finally. You’re looking great in your practice for the Singapore Marathon. Goodluck.

The Aftermath

Since Quennie had reached a milestone today, she got what I used to get when I run more than 10K. She got herself a big burger from Burger King and a large Snowstorm Sundae. She also got herself a back pain, butt pain, leg pain, knee pain, and toe pain. Now I can say that Quennie is starting to be a running addict too.

Next Runs

October is a busy month for runners. I have listed a total of 15 races at At first, I plan to run the Botak Paabilisan on October 19 and the OctobeRun on October 26. However, our church will have a small group retreat at Tagaytay on October 17-19.

I never run at Ayala Alabang Village but I got an invitation from Happy Feet to run with them at the SOS Hope in Motion 3 Fun Run on October 5. I would be happy to join. They told me that the place smells like bacon in the morning.



  1. congrats di ka na broke back … and to que on her longest run.

    ang dami nyo yesterday, saya. i think i managed to walk off saturday’s long run kahapon. i ran 3.4kms to have taho and walked 6.6 for golden tinapa.

    Ang saya nga. I hope to be able to join them again next time.

  2. I’m glad you’re feeling better, bro. 🙂

    Thanks Ganns. Im happy to run again.

  3. Good to hear you are feeling well already and you had a nice run.

  4. nice meeting you and que.

    Nice to meet you too. see you in the next runs.

  5. Great to hear that you’re back on the road again. What a recap….. See you at KOTR! God bless!

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