Posted by: jinoe | September 24, 2008

Loud and Proud Pinoy

Quennie rode a jam packed bus on the way home last week. It was crowded that there was no place to sit. Fortunately, a guy gave up his seat for her and stood instead.

While the guy was standing up, she noticed the print at the back of his shirt. It looked familiar but quite hidden so she wasn’t so sure.


When, the guy stood up again and was about the leave the bus, Quennie had a better view of the shirt. She knew it was a familiar design. It’s my Proud Pinoy Ambigram Design! The guy must have seen my design from the web, downloaded it and made a shirt on his own. Although, we did sell these shirts too and our shirts was much better than this. Hehehe.

Should I be mad that someone copied what was rightfully mine? In this case, Im not angry. I don’t think he made money out of it anyway. Hehehe. But I am quite proud that he liked it. I just hope he buys the original shirt from us.

Unfortunately, we haven’t printed shirts for quite sometime. There have been request for prints for my other designs. But I have several design requests lined up right now. I’d rather make designs than print on shirts. I just completed an ambigram for Carmel/Arian for a student in UST and I am now working on 2 designs for foreign clients. I would post them soon.

And again, here’s my Proud Pinoy Ambigram. Oh, that’s the Proud Pinay version that Quennie is wearing while she was in Madrid. I would say that this is my favorite design of all my ambigrams.



  1. I still think you have the right to get angry… Hehehe…

    Intellectual properties are intellectual properties… 🙂

    But in another sense, you should also tap your shoulders… Sikat ka na eh! Ginakopya na design mo… hehe.

    And its hard to protect your designs once they are on the web. Even with the watermarks, it can still be copied. Haaay… be proud na lg. 😀

  2. cool ambigram! are you still selling the shirts?

    Right now, we haven’t made any prints. I’ll let you know kung meron.

  3. Cool ambigram. can you make for RUNNINGSHIELD pls let me know and how much do you charge pls. thank you so much. i like your work

    Hi Pat, that’s a looooong word for an ambigram. Sige, I’ll try to work on it once I have the other designs completed.

  4. kung ako ma inggit gid ko..he he he,,,pero ok lang na…atleast sikat ka na ah.

    Happy man ta a kay may mga namian sg ubra ko.

  5. uy, si kengkoy ko proud pinoy din pero ibang tshirt designs naman yung sa kanya. magandang magkaron ng ganyang tshirt.. ehem, nagpaparinig 🙂

    Ehem… dami na akong utang a.

  6. galeng!!! you should be angry kung possessive ka.. pero you should be proud kung ang goal mo sa pagdedesign eh gusto mong dumami ang mga proud pinoy… i’m hoping you’re the latter… cheers!!! glesy the great

  7. it’s possible that the guy made that shirt himself but it’s also possible that somebody made it and sold it to him.

    i had attended a seminar in intellectual property rights when we were in college. they said if you made a design and another person applied for the property rights in IPO as his own design, he could have the right for himself. which means, you can’t use your own design! ina ya kung seryosohon mo gid ang rights mo te gastuhan mo gid eh. hehehe…

    on the other hand, it means you’re getting famous and you have a lot of fans! nice to know that you’re proud of it! 😉 i guess, i’ll be proud of it, too. basta indi lang nila ipalapta nga sila nag ubra kay lain na ina nga storya. hehehehe…

    Pero for drawings or art like this, copyrights would apply. And since I am the one who made and published them, I have the rights to it. Daw indi na ni guro kinanglan i-apply a.

    Mayo dumduman mo pa ang IPO Seminar sang college. Dumduman ko lang ya ang lunch sa mall pagkatapos.

  8. Sikat na talaga ang jinoe! You must be proud of your work. Yon nga lang, madaling magaya ng mga taong ayaw ng mag-isip. Hirap namang magpa patent heh heh …

  9. The greatest form of flattery is imitation. Teh basta ginasunod ka mayo ka eh. Hmm…damo ka na da designs? Pwede mo ko ma obrahan masskara? Email me lang sg fee ah. Maski indi kahabol subong nga tuig ok lang ah.

    btw, added you to the blogroll of 😀

    Hi glads, hmmm… you are thinking what Im thinking a. Sige email ta ka. A bit busy lately.

  10. Ahhhm i guess you should be thankful na lang that he was gentleman enough to leave his seat and offer it to Queenie.

    Konti na lang ganyan na tao ngayon.

  11. Hi! I’m a friend of Que, call me “Inay,”…I also saw a guy wearing the same Proud Pinoy ambigram design shirt last week at JAM Bus terminal in Buendia/Taft.

    However, this time though, the size of the ambigram is the same size your shirts have. But, there were other texts printed on the shirt, I was just not able to clearly read it, kasi madilim na. Sayang! I should have taken a photo too! The ambigram was in white, and the other texts were in green…

    Ummm…personally, I didn’t like the color combination and the other texts added on the shirt. hehe! and I am pretty sure It was not bleached…

    I should know, I’m one proud owner!

    I still hope I still can get the same shirt na suot ni Ga sa Spain! I love it! 🙂

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