Posted by: jinoe | September 22, 2008

Broke Back

My back is painful. I wasnt able to make my long run this Sunday. I have to rest.

It happened last Thursday. I had a great morning run. I made a fast time compared to my previous runs at Ayala. My laps at the triangle was sustained between 6-7 mins per lap.

On the same day, I got to meet Mon of Happy Feet and was able to introduce myself formally. We get to meet several times previously during my morning runs and we would just wave each other. Now, we could call each other by name.

But, it was on the same day that this injury occurred. It was my fault.

I was running on my way back to the house. At one corner, a jeepney was picking up passengers. It was blocking my view on the road. As a safety procedure, I would take peek and look if there is any car trying to make a turn.

Since I was running quite fast, I just leaned forward and bent my back over to take a peek. When I saw that the street was safe from vehicles, I pulled my body back to running form and made a dash across the street. That all happened in a few seconds. Too fast for my back that it must have overstretched and strained a muscle. I started to feel some pain already but it was still bearable.

However, the whole day I was sitting in the office, walking around and it must made things worst. In the evening, I could feel the pain more whenever I move from side to side.

Friday morning, I woke up and had a hard time standing. I have to keep my balance by leaning on the wall. Yet I was able to take the pain and still able to get to work. Although I look like an old man who needs a stick to walk. I had an awkward posture.

Day two is always the worst. So Saturday morning I wasn’t able to stand well without a painful sting at my back. I would say ouch almost every time I make a step. I missed our church services. I took some pain relievers. It made the pain subside thus I was able to make it to church in the afternoon.

I thought I can make a short run on Sunday. I was planning to join Raising Hope 2 at Rockwell Center in Makati. But then, the pain was still there when I woke up. I dont want to force it. I fear that it might make things worst. So I decided to get back to sleep and rest again.

All the while my fear is that this injury is something serious like a broken bone, slip disk or a ripped muscle. I guess, I can rule them out. I asked my friends who are physical therapists and nurses and they told me the symptoms are that of a muscle strain. I trust them so I dont have to see a doctor. Hehehe.

Previously, my injuries were on the foot, ankle or knee. So I made adjustments in the way I run to make sure they don’t recur again. Stretching my legs and foot before running helped a lot. This is my first injury at the back. I never thought it will happen. But it did. So I must be careful in moving my upper body next time. I should also include more stretchings for my back.

Now, my back is feeling better. I can move it more freely. But it is still painful when I wake up in the morning but will quickly subside when I get moving around. So maybe I can make a long run on Tuesday morning. Or should I? I guess I have to listen to my body again on Tuesday and see how it will go. My legs are willing but my back is weak.

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  1. Jinoe, I had to cut my long run short yesterday because of aches and pains in my legs. My lower back also hurt when I got home.

    I think we’ve both been increasing our mileage lately and experiencing similar pain. I will do more stretching exercises the next few days and reduce mileage this week. Hopefully the pain goes away soon, I have to get ready for KOTR.

    Broke back pala ha, hehehe.

    Are we too excited or what? I might reduce mileage this week too. Instead of the 26k I was planning last Sunday, I might be back to 20 or lower. Let’s see what happens.

    Goodluck sa KOTR.

  2. sorry to hear about your back. hope its better today. you are right … dont force it and listen to your body talaga.

    time for cross training? 😛

    Now that you mentioned it, I might get to swimming again. Kaysa na uli yung trunks ko sa akin. 😀

  3. sorry to hear that jinoe. Better to rest than be sorry again,hehehe. Hope you’ll feel better soon. God bless!

    Thanks Bro J. Im welling better now but still taking my time to recover.

  4. take some rest, bok bok… you can have your run some other time but your health is still very important…

    hay… dapat in condition na imo back para sa wedding mo next year. ahihihihi…

    get well soon! 😉

    Gani man Er. Feeling ko may guin ubra guid si Que sa akon nga nagdugang sakit mo.

  5. do core exercises and if needed put a plywood in between your matress ( yes plywood ) to keep your back straight. it works for me kasi.
    alaxan is your best friend

    Alaxan FR was really helpful on the second day.

  6. Oouch! Listen to your body. Don’t push it if it hurts on Tuesday and maybe see a doctor if it continues to hurt by then. Get well soon!

  7. sorry to hear that… take some rest. 🙂 as with some of the other comments, i would advise that you do cross training / hit the gym to work out your other muscles.

    Its rest for now. Havent been to the gym for a month. 😮

  8. And I thought I”m the only one suffering from back pain… 2 days ng masakit likod ko kaya 2 days na din akong di nakatakbo. Jinoe, don’t you think its about time that we seek the expertise of a coach or something?
    Rest if you must. There will be better days. Just be patient…

    Oo nga e. I think Im taking too much rest na. Missed my runs for a week already. Expert advice, hmmm… hanggang novice level pa lg ako e. Huwag muna siguro.

  9. Hi Jinoe. I read about this on and am sorry to hear about it. Definitely, the back is nothing to mess with. Rest is important. Every once in a great while, I’ll get spasms. A very short run helped it get better.

    Still, some heat in the area and what runningshield (Patrick) said will help. Take care and will see you soon!

    Thanks Wayne. I hope to be back on the road by Friday. Last time it was Tues, then Wed, then Thurs. Now I hope its really this Friday. 😀

  10. as we increase our mileage we will experience those thing. it is true that we have to listen to our body but somehow we have to push a little and get use of the pain. a prominent ultra marathoner said we have to learn pain management. pain is something we cant avoid on this particular sport. feel the pain and enjoy it =) someday, you’ll get use of it.

    No pain, no gain. Ouch.

  11. […] Happy Recovery After a “broke back” episode last week that got me off the track for seven days, I’m back on the road. A happy one […]

  12. […] a “broke back” episode last week that got me off the track for seven days, I’m back on the road. A happy one […]

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