Posted by: jinoe | September 1, 2008

Any Given Sunday

My Running Path

My Running Path - click picture for larger view

Sundays are for long runs. I’m building up my mileage as I practice for a full marathon hopefully this year or early next year. I’m not sure where yet. Plenty of options but I would prefer it to be outside the country or at least outside Metro Manila.

This Sunday was for a 24km based on my training plan. It is time to change my route. Previously, I would run from the boarding house to Buendia to Ayala Triangle to McKinley Road and end at the 5th Ave before running back again. This time, I plan to run up to the Libingan ng mga Bayani for my 24km target.

It was also the Nike+ Human Race at the Fort. Part of my route would be on the same path as the race so I thought of dropping by and meet runners and bloggers along the way.

A New Plan

But Quennie told me she wanted to run also. She couldn’t run on the same route as mine yet. I dont think she could catch up. Also, it would slow me down too much for my practice run if we both run up to the Libingan ng mga Bayani. Since, it is very seldom that Quennie would initiate a run on Sunday, I decided to run the 4 laps of the shorter route with her and miss the Human Race. The chances that Quennie would initiate the run is slim. I have more chances that I could meet the runners and bloggers the next time.

I was tired from the church visit we had last Saturday at Bulacan that I needed a sleep badly. Thus, I woke up late for my run. I wanted a slow start and build up speed in the middle. I also wanted to improve on my 21K finish (2:24) from the Manila Half Maration.

Get Set and Go

My first lap from the boarding house to 5th Ave was just the right pace for me. By the time I finished my second lap, I was still in good form and ready to go for more. Quennie joined me on the third lap. She stayed behind half way from the route which is at the Ayala Triangle while I continued up to the 5th Ave. This time, I started to feel the fatigue. The sun was already up and it is getting really hot. McKinley Road is an uphill run and it started to wear me down. By the time I completed my 3rd lap, I decided to cut my run short due to the hot weather. So instead of completing a 24km, I had another 21.1K run.

I finished my run at 2hrs 49mins. This is a bad time considering I run my first 21K at a much faster pace. But there are some good points also. It was a slow run but I had fewer and shorter stops. My first 21K was a struggle. I think I am improving on my endurance and I am confident I can make an even better time next time. And I am excited in reaching my halfway point in the 1,000KM Club.

Quennie run a short 4km only and waited for me for more than 30 minutes as I completed my run. I should get her to run with me to McKinley Road next time.


No injury but I think the hot weather today got my skin cooked. Good thing I use sunscreen on my runs. It is also amazing that I never got to sleep after the run. That is because my sister and I was to meet a family friend at Paranaque. I had no choice but to be awake and take shorts naps on the bus.

Read a recap of the Nike+ Human Race from other countries also. Read here.

Next race…

I would be running my Dream Run #1 this week. Quennie and I will be going home to Negros this Wednesday so that we can start with some preparations for the wedding. While, Im there I’ll be running from Pontevedra to Hinigaran which is my father’s hometown and my mother’s hometown, respectively. I have dreamt of running this 10K distance since I started running. I’d be running it 2-way for a 20km run.

I’d love to join the Adidas King of the Road (KOTR) this October. I hope details of the race will be announced soon. There is a new info of the race at the forums. And of course, the New Balance PowerRace on November. I shouldn’t miss this one since the SFRunner will be here in the Philippines to run this race. It will be my chance to meet him and a lot of runners also.



  1. Nice LONG run! And IT WAS SO HOT LAST SUNDAY… Glad the Nike Human Race was just 10K. I’m also going to run in New Balance. Hope to meet you there!

    Oo nga. Ang init ngayon. Summer na naman. The New Balance Race is in my calendar. I just need to find a place to stay at Clark and a transpo to get there. I really hope to see everyone there. I seem to have joined the wrong races kaya wala pa ako na meet na blogger.

  2. Hey, we’d like to invite you to join! It’s the new on-line social network for sports and fitness enthusiasts here in Manila. You can tag yourself in our photo galleries (which we promise to keep fresh and updated ASAP!) as well as inform other members about upcoming races and sports events. Best of all, you can help promote a healthy lifestyle to more and more individuals by spreading the word about our community. Thanks!

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