Posted by: jinoe | August 19, 2008

How to kill a dinosaur… Part 2

Almost a year ago, I had an encounter with a dinosaur during one of my practice runs at CCP. I thought that was all over. I have saved the world. But once again, the world was in danger.

I was wearing the same shirt and the same shorts that day. It was a hot and sunny with a little shade available. Quennie and I were walking back home after the Miracle Run and was looking for a place to eat.

A huge T-rex walking over me

A huge T-rex walking over me

Suddenly, the sky was dark. An eclipse? Wrong! Right in front of me was a full size T-Rex like I have never seen before. I have killed one last year but this one was bigger and stronger. AS it walked over me, I moved slowly as not to attract any attention. I looked back and Quennie disappeared! She was not in sight. Has the T-rex devoured her? Did the T-Rex squished her with its feet like a worm?

T-rex found its prey

T-rex has found its prey

I was in panick and didn’t notice that the T-reX was already staring at me. With its big and sharp teeth, it gave a mighty roar that sent shivers all over my body. What happened next got my feet numb.

I ran for my life

I ran for my life

It ran towards me seeking for revenge from its brother. He must have smell the blood that tainted my hands when I killed one of its kind. I ran fast but he was faster. It shook the ground as its feet would strike and got me off balance. I fell down. I lay there right in front of its path. Helpless and defeated, I look up one last time to the sky and memories of my past started to flash before my eyes.

A supergirl to the rescue

A supergirl to the rescue

Then, a pink silhouette appeared. A lady in pink shirt and black shorts. She must be a superhero with superpowers except that she was not wearing her panties outside her shorts. She moved with lighting speed. I saw with one power stroke of her hands, it punched the T-rex on its face. So powerful that the T-rex ran away and disappeared.

I was saved!

The heroine stood beside me and reached for my hand. She helped me to stand. I thanked her for saving my life and asked for her name. She replied, “Quennie… Quennie of the Jungle.”  And she ran away and disappeared.  I never got the chance to invite her for dinner tonight.

I was standing in awe when Quennie called from behind. She was hiding from the bushes all this time and asked me if I was ok. I replied yes and talked to her about my experience. She doesn’t believe a thing and just told me to continue walking and have breakfast instead. Tired and obviously still in shock, I did not object and walked along.

I don’t know if everything was just a dream or was it real. The world is saved one more time. But whoever the lady in pink was, she gave me another chance at life. Quennie of the Jungle… my heroine…

Quennie of the Jungle

Quennie of the Jungle



  1. Ang CUTE niyo! That was so funny and amusing… I can’t wait to meet the two of you!

    Hi FitMommy. Pinag-aawayan pa namin yan kung sino ang mas cute. Hehehe. I hope to see you soon too.

  2. Ha ha ..this was really funny. Made my day!

  3. jin, nami tanan na pics, but que has the better pose 🙂

    but very nice story guid and very funny. i enjoy reading it, daw komiks.

    Halin sang una mas gina paburan mo man guid si Quennie. Hahaha. Biased.

  4. hahaha! diin na ang kapa mo, quen? mayo man ang quennie the jungle wala gid mask. galing daw ginkapoy sya sa last picture nya. hehe…

    Guin lapyo man. Padayaw guid be mo.

  5. Haha, this reminds me of Calvin and Hobbes…

    Calvin and Hobbes are my favorite. I have been wanting to buy the complete compilation sa Powerbooks. Sa susunod na siguro.

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