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Run Together – Men’s Health Miracle Run 2008

When I heard about the Miracle Run, I already wanted to join the race. Despite having an expensive registration fee, it was for a good cause. Part of it goes to GMA Kapuso Foundation. Quennie and I have been supporting this type of efforts. We both sponsor a child thru World Vision for three years already and Quennie is an active volunteer with Hands-on Manila.

Excitement and confusion

Registration started last July 15. I learned from previous races that it pays to register early since you get the shirt size you want and avoid the last minute rush. So the next day, I registered at Powerbooks in Alabang Town Center which was near our office.

I thought is was everything was ok. But Powerbooks were not aware of the race. Still the lady in charge assured me they know what to do and got my payment and I received the claim stub. Other runners have similar experiences but decided to register somewhere else.

As the race day was getting near, I learned that Powerbooks was not part of the registration. I was now scared with the implications. Would my registration be still valid? Do I get a refund just in case? Five days before the event, I called up Powerbooks and told me they will contact Summit Media. In the evening, I received a text message that Summit Media will get the registration forms from them. Friday afternoon, I paid a visit to Powerbooks to confirm and they told me that the forms was with Summit Media already.

To be sure, Quennie and I arrive at 5:00 am at The Fort to get our race packet. Sure enough, our name was there and we are officially part of the race.

Quennie’s Preparation

This will be Quennie’s fourth 10K race. Unlike other races, running at The Fort is much more challenging because of the uphills. I told Quennie to prepare for it. For two weeks, we run together for 30-45 minutes. We run in front of CCP with is a short but have a steep climb. I also told her to add incline to her treadmill.

I love Quennie since she obeys me most of the time. When I told her to add up an incline on her treadmill practices, she gladly obliged. But I should have been more specific. She got on the treadmill and pressed the settings. I should have told her to put it at 1.00-2.00 of vertical incline only. But she though that an incline had to be at 7.00 and complained of her overworked muscles for three days. Now, I hate her since she blamed me for it.

Thirty Seconds of Fame

We arrived early at the race area. While waiting for the race to start, we had a short warm up run for 15 minutes. After the run, a woman approached me and told me she was from GMA News – 24 Oras and wanted me for a quick interview regarding the race. Whaaat!!!?

Quennie was behind me giggling because she knows that part of the things I want to do before reaching 40 is to be seen on television. I had exposures on newspapers and had a radio interview in a local station in Bacolod. But not yet on TV and it is one of those things I wanted to do before I reach 40. Everybody has a dream. I wanted to decline to the oppurtunity. Come on… I was perspiring from the warm up and I didnt put on my make up. But then, this may just be my only oppurtunity, so why not grab it.

It happened fast. I was there in front of their camera and she asked me about running and how I feel being part of this charity event. I cant remember exactly what I said. Whatever it was, I hope I talked with sense. So please, don’t watch any news for the next 24 hours.

Walang Himala

With two other races being held on the same day, I expected the Miracle Run to be a well organized event among them. Unfortunately, it didn’t measure to my expectations.

The race started late at around 6:30 am. It was already hot. Water stations have Gatorade and Mineral water but they were not cold. It also run out of supplies on our second lap. Not too many celebrities from GMA as predicted. I am not sure but I thought I saw two. No loot bags. We only got another warm Gatorade at the finish line.

Quennie and I finished together at 1:17. This was the fastest run we have together so far. We have been improving our 10Ks and she did not walk that much. I wonder if we can get a sub-60 time someday.

10,000KM Target

The organizers wanted to gather 1,000 runners to reach the 10,000km goal and raise 200,000 pesos for GMA Kapuso. A special counter was placed in front to count the cummulative number of kilometers logged by the participants. The last time we looked at the counter, it was only at 6,500kms. But according to them, 977 were present in the race. Not everybody were able to finish or even come to the race. Yet, they were able to reach the 200,000 pesos mark. Finish or not, they are giving part of the registration to the foundation.Ā  So all in all, the result of the Men’s Health Miracle Run was a success.

Jinoe meets Rio

I was hoping to see other bloggers in the race. I saw Eric and Rio at the Nike Booth. It was only with Rio that I got the chance for a photo ops. I wasn’t able to find Eric again.

The Aftermath

Quennie and I had the usual chicken breakfast at McDo. I wasnt able to resist it but I slept the whole afternoon. So I missed to complete the ambigram design I was supposed to finish today. My legs were ok. Nothing painful. It was a light run for me that I decided to run a long one the next day.

Next Race

Plenty of races are lined up until the end of the year. Since I want to prepare for a full marathon, I wanted to join longer distances this time. The New Balance Power Race 25K will be my next target on November. That is still far so I might do some race crashing in the Nike+ Human Race on August 31 just to meet some people.

For more information on the next running races, visit



  1. Nice recap! Hope we do see you on the news! It’s also good that you and Quennie are running together.

    Hi Prometheus, pahinga ka pala ngayon. Good job in your bike support. Sana available pa yan when we decide to do our 42K also.

  2. Hi! I should’ve watched the news! I was there too. Hope to meet you and Queenie @ The Nike Human Race šŸ˜€

    Wag ka na manood. We watched it last night but I wasn’t there. It must not have been newsworthy. šŸ˜› Ewan ko kung ano pa pwede kong gawin para lumabas sa TV. Hehehe. I won’t be running the Human Race but I might be hanging around. Camera support siguro. šŸ˜€

    I hope Sky is doing well now.

  3. jinoe, nice recap and you were able to attain your goal to be in the TV before the age of 40..congrats! go! go! go! for your first marathon! good luck & stay fit!

    Hi BR. I got the interview but wasn’t there in the news last night. So plan B na sa TV appearance. But I dont have a plan B yet. Thanks for the encouragement. But still thinking where that 1st 42km will be.

  4. bike support? sure! sabay na kayo ni DATC when he runs his first too!

    Sige. Masaya yan. Sana masabayan ko si DATC. Nauna sa akin yan nung Manila Half Marathon e.

  5. hello, bok bok!

    we usually watch tv patrol world but last monday is an exception. i told my brothers and parents that you were interviewed for your race so we watched 24 hours but we failed to see your interview. siguro, next time na lang. update me so that we can look forward to it again. haha!

    Kay daw wala man gani ang guwa. Haaay… Kanugon sg project ko didto. Ginabalhas pa naman ko.

  6. Hi Jinoe, there will also be a 21k event in the Adidas KOTR in September, you might want to consider joining that one too. I hope I can get my wife to run races with me in the future also.

    Do you have details of the Adidas KOTR? I will join kung meron. Pero I haven’t seen any details about this race yet.

    Quennie started with 5Ks chasing kids who are joining. Until she decided to run an official race itself. Then got challenged to a 10K. Pero hangang 10K lg daw siya. Just to make sure she keeps on joining, I accompany her always to the finish line or just half way in case we run different distances.

    Here’s a tip. Let your wife join you when shopping for running gears and outfits. Tapos bili ka nang marami. Ma-iinggit yun and she might consider running too para maka-shopping. šŸ˜‰

  7. Hi jinoe, thanks for visiting J Running. It was a good race, my first 10K race. C u in one of the races!

    Congrats pala for completing your first 10K. See you someday.

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