Posted by: jinoe | August 15, 2008

Weather weather lang

After being desperate of not running whenever it rains, I decided to buy a rain jacket that I can use for running. It’s also my reward for hitting my 300km. It cost me more than my budget so I have been excited to use it and get the value for my money. I would even wear it inside the house whenever I feel cold. It helps me justify buying it. But more importantly, I wanted to run with it in the rain.

Two weeks have past and it never rained. I mean it did rain but not during my morning runs. I guess the rain have been playing with me.

Wrong timing

Last week I woke at 5 in the morning and jog along Ayala which is my usual route. I left the house while it was still dark. The stars were shining telling me it would be a good day to run. I wore my running shirt and shorts went off. Everything went well. The sun was almost out at dawn. But everything changed on my last 2 kilometers going back home. Clouds were rushing to cover the sky above me. After a few minutes, it started to rain. While the other people who were walking to the office took shelter, I remained on the road with raindrops keep falling in my head. I arrived home soaking wet. Bad timing.

A second chance

Today, I told myself to be smart. I woke up at 5:30 am. It rained last night and today the sky was a bit cloudy. I decided to bring my jacket just in case it rains. I don’t want to be caught unequipped in the middle of my run. I went out wearing my jacket proudly like I was an commercial model being photographed for an ad page in a magazine.

While running, I kept looking at the sky and observe how the clouds gathered above me. I was hoping it would rain so I can have a new experience in running. I kept running and running at a comfortable pace. After a while, I noticed I was not feeling comfortable anymore. I was confused since I was not running that fast. I looked up and found the answer. The clouds are moving away. The patches of blue skies are getting wider. And the jacket was making me hot inside that I have to removed them. So for the rest of my run, I had my jacket tied behind my back. It never rained at all. By the time I got home, the jacket was wet with sweat but not with rain.

I thought the rain play was over. I took a shower and prepared to go to work. I was set to go when it rained.

I guess it you can’t win when nature plays with you. Just like when nature calls, you can’t win at all.

I need a miracle

It still not clear if my registration for the Men’s Health Miracle Run is 100% ok.  I registered too early at Powerbooks and now it is not an official registration site.  Anyway, I just dropped at the branch and the lady told me that Summit Media already picked up my forms two days ago.  At least, that’s a good assurance.

So I’ll just be there early on Sunday at The Fort for the fun run to get my race packet.  See you.



  1. bok bok! nanugunan lang siguro ang ulan mag basa sang imo jacket kay kabalo sya mahal… te basi mamalayran pa sya. nyehehehehe!

    Abno man na man. 😀

  2. 🙂 very amusing. nature always remind us to be patinet, it tells you to just wait 🙂 in time you’ll make full use of your investment 🙂 .

    On the brightside, at least the jacket wont worn out that fast. 😀 Btw, new blog address ha. Nice.

  3. oops, sorry, i mean patient 🙂 not patinet 😦

    This is the 1000th comment in my blog and this is what is written ?!?!? Pati ka Ms Beth a.

  4. Nice Post… I like your writing style. Keep it up.

    Thanks for dropping by Ruthi. 😀

  5. oh, really? i am the 1000th? ti, may premyo ako? 🙂

    by the way, what i meant by new blog address is your, i went to look at it and though i am not into marathon, but it is really very well presented and a very good networking site for marathoners.

    1000th man kno based sa comment number. Pero ang mga approved comments about 600+ pa lang. Sorry wala price.

    Share mo man sa iban nga basi interested sa 😀

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