Posted by: jinoe | August 11, 2008

Race Crashers – FEATI Blue and Gold Run

I woke up late. I wanted to join the FEATI Fun Run at Roxas Blvd. I set the alarm at 5:00am but woke up an hour later. But the weather was great. The sun is up. Que and I decided to run anyway. She needs to practice for the 10K Miracle Run next Sunday. It will be her first 10K at The Fort and challenge is much different the usual 10K she had on a flat course at Roxas and MOA.

We arrived past 6am at CCP and many of the runners are already at the turnaround point in Vito Cruz. Since we are just race crashers, we had our own agenda. Run from CCP to KM0 and take pictures there. The get back at CCP and run uphill at the main theater facade.

We own the road

The organizers did well in closing one side of the road for runners. No cars, no bicycles. It was all for the runners. Student volunteers were stationed at the turnaround points and the water stations. There was even live entertainment at the Start/Finish line. Nice.

We were near the Luneta when we saw the turnaround points at the other side of the road. What puzzled me was that there were 2 10Km turnaround markers. Weird. There used to be only one. How did they come up with 2 markers? I hope nobody was confused about it during the race.

Where everything starts

Que and I arrived at KM0. She wanted to take pictures here. We never got the chance to do so last time since we dont have enough memory space in the camera. The marker is just in front of the Rizal Monument.

Run for More

After a quick photo ops at KM0 we ran back to CCP to complete a 5km run. Que stayed at CCP and made five rounds in front of the main theater. I returned and made another run with the FEATI runners. Few we on the road by this time. Mostly students who must have been late and just completing the course for a good grade in PE. Hehehe.

A lady called my attention and mentioned that she visited by blog. This is where she found out about the FEATI run. I wasn’t able to get her name. Hi’s and Hello’s and off we go on separate ways. She was heading home already. I hope to see you in the road again someday.

Some FEATI Fun Run photos are posted at forums. You may need to register to view them.

FEATI Fun Run race results for 10K is ow available for download at

A bit short of target

My training plan says I should run for 14kms today. I was only able to run 12kms. So I’m trying to adjust my trainings again to make up for it. It was getting hot and I didnt bring any water with me. I didn’t bring money to buy some water. I find it too risky to continue so I made a few rounds at CCP before ending my run.

I was a bit in a hurry too since we have an outreach activity with church’s Youth Ministry with the street kids at Jollibee CCP. So despite a small mileage on the road, my day ended with a big heart.

The Aftermath

It was a light run so I was still restless even after the outreach. I went home and immediately cooked lunch. I also cleaned the CR. I slept a little. My groceries this week included fresh fruits for my fruit juice concoction. Great for a detox diet.

Next run

Que and I will be joining the Men’s Health Miracle Run at the Fort. I registered very early for the event but have to confirm everything this week. See you on the road.



  1. Jinoe, I’m sure you needed the rest. Anyway, good luck to you and Que this coming Sunday!

    Thanks Wayne. I just hope our registration was OK. I should get the reply by tomorrow.

  2. The 10K route was “a round trip and a half” hence the 2 markers. I’m curious how you found my blog. Anyway, lipay ko nga naay gadagan nga gatuktugaok! Zimm

    Hi Zimm, I had several fun runs in Roxas and the turnaround points were quite different. That’s why I was curious. Found your blog while searching for blogs on the FEATI run.

    Ka-intiende ko sg iban mo nga gn sulat pero indi tanan. Ilonggo from Bacolod ni. πŸ˜€

  3. Hi jinoe… a few weeks ago a group of church members from the Pasay tagalog church came and visited Aiias. I was asked to tour them around the campus. I told them that I had a friend from Pasay Church,perhaps you are attending the English service. ANy way, nice reading on your runs. Come to Aiias sometimes and we can do more hill running here. Have a good weekend and Blessed Sabbath ahead!. Rest and enjoy the Sabbath.

    Hi ibanrunner. Im with English church but I know a few youth from the Tagalog church. Hmm… I could suggest a church visit at AIIAS. πŸ˜€ I would definitely like the hill runs you have there. I have seen you pics and they were great. It’s my weakness so far and will be adding that to my practices.

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