Posted by: jinoe | August 8, 2008

Dreaming of the Boards

When preparing for the board exams, those months of preparations get you mind occupied. Everything is about the board exams. My sister and her friends are preparing for the board exams for doctors next week.  My sister will be taking the exams February next year but she’s on for an early start.

So goodluck to those who will be taking the board exams for physicians this weekend.


I had lunch with my sister and her friends a few weeks ago.  They shared to me the dreams they had.

One of them had a dream that two of them failed the exams.  But the good thing is that, there is a deliberation wherein one of them can still pass the exams.  The deliberation is thru text votes.  The one who has the most text votes passes the exams.

Funny.  If that could be true, it’ll be cool.

I dont know what happened next.


While talking to them, I can’t help but remember how we also prepared for the ECE board exams.  I shared our outrageous techniques and stories.   Some are very similar to their own experience.

  • Everybody gets religious.  Since we started reviewing until the results were out, going to church was an easy routine.  I wonder how many of us still have a perfect attendance at church for at least six months.
  • I often stay at fastfood chains to study.  Since it is a public area, it helps me resist the desire to sleep especially during the afternoon after having lunch.  We just buy drinks and fries and it will last us until dinner time.
  • Sleeping has become a big enemy during reviews.  Sleeping is part of the schedule.  If we exceed sleeping by 1 hour, it already a big waste of time.  We would study while standing up or walking around.  We have shifts wherein one studies and the other sleeps.  Then, at a certain time, they would reverse roles.  We would scare each other that there is a ghost upstairs near the rooms to prevent us from getting to bed alone.
  • We have become experts with the reviewers such that we know the answer by just looking at the choices without even knowing what the question actually is.
  • The most difficult part is waiting for the results.  You are just hanging there in the air without anything to do.  Imagine studying for 6 months and doing nothing but wait for the next 3-5 days.  A certified bummer.


Speaking of dreams, our batch also have our share of dreams but not as outrageous as having text votes.

One dreamt that during the exam, he crumpled his actual test paper instead of the scratch paper.

Another dreamt that his exam paper was blown by the wind.  As it was flown back to the floor, his seatmate stood up and stepped on his test paper making it dirty and unrecognizable by the checking machine.

They seem to be funny, but at that time, these were real nightmares for examinees



  1. Haha! Yep, almost everyone gets to be religious in this chapter of life….

    And yes, fastfoods became the ultimate istambayan… (Dunkin’s Osmeña for me, at night) Hehehe…

    I only slept in Susana Tan’s class though… 🙂

    I found it hard to memorize and remember the questions.

    And finally, the dreaded wait… and the crying of those who failed… hay…

    Pagkatapos, wala man gyapon gamit ang license… 🙂 Ti abi…

    Hambala pa. 😀

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