Posted by: jinoe | July 29, 2008

Virtual Training Run #6

I stumbled upon the blogs of E-Rods and The Bull Runner and they are having a Virtual Training Run #6. I decided to join. I wasn’t able to run last Sunday due to the rain and I want to catch up with my mileage for the week. This is just a good time to run.

This is how it works:

Runners separated by geography do a training run “together” wherever they may be in the world. We set a distance (more or less) and meet at a specific time, so 6:00 am Manila time.

DATE: 30 July 2008, Wednesday (Manila time)
TIME: 6:00 A.M. (Manila time)
DISTANCE: 10 km/6 miles (or whatever you wish)

The following are past participants and most of them have already committed to joining us. After the training session, each participant writes a quick recap of the session so that each of us benefits from this collective effort. If you don’t have a blog you can register for free at and post your running account at the forums under Running Related >> Training >> Virtual Run #6.

  1. E-rod – Newport Beach, USA/Freeport, Bahamas
  2. TheBullRunner – Paranaque, Philippines
  3. HitMe – Quezon City, Philippines
  4. Banggi – Makati, Philippines/Saigon, Viet Nam
  5. Ben – Manila to Makati, Philippines
  6. Renz – Metro Manila, Philippines
  7. Marga – Parañaque, Philippines
  8. Caloy – Davao, Philippines
  9. TRF – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  10. Gretchen – Truckee, USA
  11. Rick – San Francisco, USA
  12. Nora – Kent County, UK
  13. DATC – Philippines
  14. Steph – San Diego/New York, USA
  15. Jinoe – Makati, Philippines

*If you have an injury that keeps you from running, participate by cycling, swimming, blading or anything that involves self-propelled constant motion.

I haven’t met these runners personally. I guess, that’s one of the essence of the virtual training run.

I’ll be running on my usual route. From my boarding house to Buendia and to the Paseo Traingle in Ayala. I might run up to Edsa and take the overpass at the Ayala MRT for a steep run on the stairs. Then I’d follow my way back to the boarding house to finish the run. Using Google Earth, that will be about 10.2 kms if I add 1 run at the triangle.

Missing Milo

I won’t be able to join the Milo Marathon.  I wasn’t able to register and registration is already closed.  There will be no onsite registration.  Goodluck to all the runners.  I might be a race crasher there if we decide to jog at CCP Area.  😀  Quennie and I did that the last time.



  1. you can still run this november during the national finals for the milo marathon like i do every year…

    and i guess welcome to the virtual run…

    see our results in our blogs! 😀

    I have my eyes on the Singapore Marathon on December. But in case my budget doesnt allow me to, I’ll go for a the Milo on November.

    Til the next VTR.

  2. whoa

    ang asteeeg

    anggaleng naman nian, may genyan pla

    aywiljoinder, in spirit!




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