Posted by: jinoe | July 29, 2008

My Road to Riches – Another Inconvenient Truth

I found that there is nothing convenient about convenience stores when it comes to prices.

I used to buy some snacks during work at a convenience store beside the gasoline station. Chips, biscuits, and candies. I also buy some sports drinks whenever I finish running at Ministop or 7-11. Later, I compared the prices when I did my groceries and I can’t believe how much I was paying these convenience stores compared to buying them at the grocery.

For the common things I buy, the difference in the price was as low as 5 pesos. It was as high as 30 pesos on imported cookies. Started calculating how much more I have been spending all this time at these convenience stores.

Now, I don’t visit the convenience store near our office. I also started to include snack items in my grocery list and bring them to work instead. I also buy sports drinks in the grocery and drink them once I arrive at home after running. It saves me a lot every month and I get have more options in what to buy.

Convenience is an expensive commodity these days.



  1. hi manokan express, thanks for dropping by at my site. Im still learning to get use with wordpress. Im a slow learner. Anyway, I really wish to worship in Pasay, unfortunately I have to attend the pathfinder program after church. So, maybe after the program I’ll go to Manila. R u joining the Milo marathon this sunday?…hope to meet you sometime.

  2. That’s why they call it 7-11. Kung 7 pesos sa Grocery, sa kanila it’s 11 pesos yung item 🙂

    If you like sports drinks like Gatorade – better if you buy them in bulk and just store it in the house. Buy a thermos box to keep your drinks cool. It is cheaper in the long run 🙂

    Yep, I started buying them by bulk too. I have stored a few PET bottles of Gatorade and Propel at home.

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