Posted by: jinoe | July 23, 2008

Running shoes are for running…

…and not for basketball! I have to learn it the hard way.

My officemates planned to have a friendly basketball game a few weeks ago. Everyone was excited since many of us haven’t been able to play for years. While the others practiced in their subdivisions for the game, I just kept on running to keep my endurance.

However, I don’t have any basketball shoes to wear. All I have are two running shoes. So I decided to use it for the game. I learned that it shouldn’t have been used for basketball. And it wasn’t designed for that game.

We played last Monday.  After two hours of playing, trying hard to do some crossovers, and running full court, I finished with a few points and several air balls and blocked shots. Then I felt that the soles of my feet hurt. While my officemates were complaining of pains on the thighs and back, it’s only my feet that hurt. It’s a bad sign that I should have used a different shoe that can provide more support for this kind of game.

After two days I still can’t run well. I missed my morning run today. I could probably run a few kilometers but I decided to have more time to recover. Good thing my shoe did not show any damage. Yet.

By the way, here’s a trivia.

In Bacolod, or at least from where I grew up, any sports shoes is called tennis shoes or simply tennis. I wonder why but that’s how we call all rubber shoes.

Bakal ko tennis a.” could mean “I’ll buy rubber shoes.”

“Bag-o tennis niya ba.” could mean “You got a new pair of rubber shoes.”

“Ma-tennis ko guro subong ay.” could mean “I’ll wear rubber shoes.”

I still use that term, unconsciously. So my NB running shoes is a tennis shoes. Weird.



  1. guid, i have funny experience about tennis. a co-teacher sa la salle asked me before, “beth, pwede kahulam imo tennis?” i replied, “sure”. the next day, i brought my tennis racket, and then, to my co-teacher’s disappointment, i brought him the wrong item :), haaay, kay madalagan kuno sila sang iya nga miga, ti pa-testingan nya anay sa iya miga ang running shoes ko bag-o magbakal. ti ambi :).

  2. Hah hah … my father is Caviteno, my mother is Pampanguena and I’m the only one who can be legitimately called “Ilongga” being born in Marbel, South Cotabato but all of us refer to any pair of rubber shoes as tennis shoes! Here are some other Ilonggo expressions in my hometown:

    1. When you want your picture to be taken at the photo studio you say “Pa kodak kita”

    2. When you ask somebody to buy toothpaste from the sari-sari store you say ” bakal ka bi colgate”

    3. we refer to the now-famous flip-flops as “ismagul” (smuggle in English)

    4. When there’s a muddy area where vehicles can’t move we refer to it as “istakan” (stuck-an)

    5. Strange but coke is always pronounced “coks”

    6. When somebody knocks at the door and the mother asks her child to see who’s there she’ll say “Tan-awa kung sino ang tawo?” If the person happens to be Chinese, the child would say “Indi tawo. Intsik.” (weird)

    7. When you ask someone for directions, he would say “dira lang” which you’ll find out later is actually 3 mountains away (heh heh heh)

    8. We call the game “sipa” as Kick (sosyal kami ya)

    9. We call longganisa “chorizo”

    10. We pronounce hamburger “hamburjer”

    #3 got me laughing hard. I have previous blog about this but you added some good “Ilonggo” words here. Thanks. Baskug ta ya!

  3. Running shoes kasi are manipis.. Or not made for landing-stresses (When you jump to dunk or to block then land).. Not to mention, mas madaling matapilok ‘pag running shoes ang gamit sa basketball.. Ouch.. 😐 Kaya nag high-cut ang mga basketball shoes diba.. Well, most of them.. Hehe..

    Bakit kasi hindi pwede all-in-one na lang. 😀

  4. Oo hindi maganda gamitin yung running shoes para basketball. Last time I did this one, I got a sprained ankle from trying to rebound. Nakantyawan lang talaga kaya napilitang maglaro 🙂

    My ankle was painful for about two days. Kanina may nagyaya uli. Sabi ko next time na lg kapag may pang basketball na ako na sapatos.

  5. Hi Jinoe. Hope the ankle is better. I’m sure you found out that the running shoes don’t have the latteral support. When I get over there for vacation, I may have to get into a pickup game with you, Gene and your friends.

    Anyway, congrats on getting close to the 1000km club. It is quite an accomplishment. Good luck if you’re running TNF on Sunday.

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