Posted by: jinoe | July 18, 2008

Running Events in August

I won’t be joining any road races until the end of the month and concentrate on the long run practices to prepare myself for a possible 42K before the year ends. So, I’ll be missing some good runs like the the TNF North Face 100K Ultra Marathon in Tagaytay and the Robinson Supermarket 5k Wellness Buddy Run at the Fort. Goodluck to all the runners who will be joining.

Despite that, I’m looking forward in joining the road races this coming August. I am interested in three of the races next month. So it might be another busy Sunday for me, unless I just join one to keep up with the long running practices.

August 3 will be the 32nd Milo Marathon – Manila Leg. This is the longest running organized running event in the Philippines (tama ba yung english ko?). I think its one of the most prestigious as well since it gathers all the best runners in the country. I haven’t joined any Milo marathon in the past and I hope to join this one. My only drawback is that I don’t know where to register. I know there’s one in Annapolis, QC but I find it far from where I am. Is there a registration on the race day itself? More info here.

Updated: FitMommy was able to register at Annapolis, QC. Read it here.

August 17 is the Men’s Health Miracle Run. I already registered yesterday at Powerbooks. The lady at the counter didn’t have any idea what it was. I was as surprise as she was. I thought that since registration is at all Powerbooks outlets, I assumed that I just go there and pay the fee. I showed her the registration form that I printed out form the website and assured me that she can help me with it. I got the impression that it was the same process with the Men’s Health All Terrain Race thus she knows what to do now. Anyway, I just kept the receipt and will get the race packet on the race day itself. More info here.

August 31 will the the Nike+ Human Race. Labeled as the biggest running event ever wherein 25 cities around the world will be participating in the event. Unfortunately, not one Philippine city is listed but there are talks of getting it organized here as well. Originally, if you can’t run in the cities identified, you can still join virtually if you have Nike+ shoes and the Ipod attached. It’s a big event with live bands and performers and even Nike athletes participating. I hope that it will also happen here and details will be out. Here’s a good and very informative article about the event. I’m setting some high expectations on this one.

Updated: Runrio is having a survey for the Nike+ Human Race. To join or not to join. Click here.

You can download the registration forms for Milo Marathon and the Miracle Run here.



  1. looks like a full August for you. saan ka mo balak mag 42?

    42K sa Singapore sana this December. I should be ready by that time. Budget na lg ang problema. 😀 Dun din balak mo di ba?

  2. Thanks for the comment 🙂 3 days na akong no run and I just started training again this morning. 2 weeks to go. Hope I can also do a 42K by 2009 or 2010 or 2011???

    Target ko talaga this year. Althought I said the same thing last year. Hehehe.

  3. Jinoe, defintely it will be a busy August. August 3rd is going to be a busy day for a lot of bloggers!

    It will be. But having second thoughts on joining all of them. I already registered on one. The other races are very inviting as well.

  4. hi Jinoe, we seem to have same schedule for August so will be busy month for us! haha. I registered for milo at Anapolis as well, thanks to comments by thefitmommy. You can buy milo pack there for Php 70. For menshealth, i went to two powerbooks branches and both said that they didn’t have registration forms yet for the races as there have been some delay from Men’s Health.

  5. Hi Jinoe, I read in SFRunner’s blog you’re headed to Chandler for a business trip. Do you work in CV?

    Not anymore… Just transferred before CV2 became Numonyx. 😀 Still working for a semicon company in Alabang. Ikaw? CV1? CV2?

  6. I used to work in CV2 then CV4 but I left a few months before the Numonyx thing, I had no idea that was going to happen though. I worked there from 2002-2006. Sa bagay, if you still worked there I don’t think people would still be travelling, unless you were doing 1-way relocation 😉

    Halos sabay pala tayo pumasok. Been there 2002-2007. We even started a running club dun and had 1 running event sa Gateway. But when each went their own way after the merger, I haven’t heard of another run. But they are planning to run this Aug 3 sa Milo. Sana magkikita-kita tayo dun. Im not yet registered though.

  7. Jinoe, DATC035 – it’s never fun to hear about mergers, downsizing, etc. I worked at AT&T for 31 years before the company consolidated our work and moved it to the U.S. East Coast. Fortunately, I took an early retirement and buyout. My best years with AT&T were the last two when I worked in the international department. I worked as a communications technician and worked with PLDT. It was very enjoyable working with the communications company there in Manila

  8. Hi Jinoe,

    Came across your blog while reading your posts in the other runner blogs. Good luck on your running and upcoming wedding.


    Thanks 😀

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