Posted by: jinoe | July 16, 2008

The Pre-Marital Chronicles – Wedding Un-necessities

Weddings have become too commercialized these days. There’s a lot of add-ons to what has been a simple gathering of witnesses to a holy vow between a man and a woman. Quennie and I had been very practical since we started working while supporting our family. When it comes to money, we tend to very careful where it goes since we know how hard it is to earn them.

Thus when we started planning for our wedding, we started on a budget and started looking what needs to be in the wedding and what will not be necessary. Our list may be quite odd since some seems to be necessary these days. If you insist that they are essential to a wedding, we don’t mind accepting donations in cash or in kind. Hehehe.

1. Wedding Video – How much does a wedding photo and video package cost? We were surprised how expensive it can be. Some would charge a minimum of 10,000 just to have a video coverage for the wedding. We decided not to have a video coverage. Why? We don’t think its worth it. My cousins had videos during their weddings. It was during the era of VHS tapes. Now, nobody cares to watch them again. And how many weddings have you attended and got to see the video of the wedding again? I haven’t seen any lately. Unless my wedding will be telecast live on air, I don’t think its worth having a video coverage. Actually, my father used to work as an engineer at an AM radio station. Why not have a live coverage over an AM radio. That might be the first ever! I wonder how that will actually sound like?

2. Fancy Wedding Albums – They used to be simple enlarged pictures during the wedding placed on a special album. Now, it looks like a magazine with different binding options. We were even offered a 15,000 wedding album with fiberglass cover to make the memories really last. Sounds nice but no thanks. For one, those fancy albums have a drawback. They are heavy. Very heavy. You take pictures so that you can let your friends and family see them and to capture those once in a lifetime memories. But these albums make them hard for you to carry. You wont go too far with them. Also, we have seen some layouts from photographers in Bacolod and they don’t look like its worth 15,000. So, no thanks, again. If we want to share the pictures and to keep those memories for a long time, here’s our solution: Post them on the web. It reaches a wide audience. The webpage will last longer than printed pictures. Comments are logged. Best of all, it’s free.

3. Bridal Car – This is still being discussed. We might get one if we find a nice white VW Bettle in Bacolod. But we wonder if we need one since the wedding venue and reception is just on the same place. The only time we need the bridal car is to move Quennie from the hotel to the venue. If the distance from the hotel to the venue is about 10kms, I could even ask her to do a Bridal Fun Run instead. And you pay around a thousand for something you use in less than 20 minutes since driving in Bacolod is a breeze. We think it’s just there for the pictures and the tradition. And why can’t I have a Groom’s Car? A sports car perhaps. I’d gladly pay for that.

4. Live Orchestra or Band – I agree that these really add a lot to the ambiance. But since we are planning to have garden wedding and it is near the sea, we don’t think that we can get the ambiance and effect we wanted with a orchestra or a band. The noise of the wind and the roaring sea would compete with the music. And maybe the noise wont be a noise after all. Wind. Sea. We might just have the ambiance we wanted. Just pray it wont rain.

5. Fancy pen, knife, fork, plate, toast glasses, unity candle, etc – Customized wedding accessories are now common. We saw them on bridal fairs but never bothered to ask. They are nice but they don’t really mean that much on a wedding. It something the wedding can go on without.

Call us kuripot, especially me. But I would rather concentrate on how to make the marriage the biggest event of my life than just making the wedding a big event.

And of course my list of wedding essentials…

1. The groom – He might be late. So make sure he arrives on time. Hahaha…

2. Ninongs and Ninangs – Thanks in advance.

3. Friends and Family – more than 200 of them on our list. Please bring your own food, drinks and utensils. Just kidding…

Anyway, for more updates on our wedding preparations, you can visit our website here. Take the quiz if you like or just browse through our pictures. Check back once in a while to get updates as we get closer to our big day.



  1. 1. Photo/Video coverage … the Bacolod rates are actually cheap na, I’m not sure about the quality. Mahina ang 100,000 na package sa Manila. Anyway, IF I get permission to attend the wedding, I’ll be there with my gear (although you should still get a pro to do it, pang additional na lang ko)

    2. Wedding album … keep it simple

    3. Bridal Car … you pay more for the car than the ride.

    4. Live band … ok na ang string trio or quartet…

    Don’t take my word for it, im kuripot myself… amo man nga wala ko gadali (i hope nona doesnt read this …hehe)

    Aba… daw damo ka pa nabal-an sa akon parte kasal haw… daw mayo haw.

  2. Re: music, pre, even with the wind and sea in the background, the event might look bland without music. if you’re not willing to dish out some 5k for a live band, at least download mp3s to play in the background and make sure the one operating your sounds knows what he’s doing.

    Re: photogs, kahit kami na yan. libre pa. that is kung invited kami. nyehehe!

    Yep, we would do the mp3 thing. We might rent a better sound system. Yung pang fiesta sa mga barrio. 😀

    Syempre invited kayo. KKB naman yun e. 😀

  3. Make the wedding as simple as possible. Make your marriage the greatest possible.
    A wedding is only the start of a supposedly lasting relationship. Why spend so much for one day when you will be bombarded with lots of expenses for the rest of your lives? You plan to live together forever–don’t you? Believe me it is far more memorable to spend a fortune on your Golden Wedding Anniversary than on your wedding day.
    And jinoe & quennie–It is good to marry the person you love but it is better to LOVE the person you married…
    Good luck!
    Nora, the golden girl

    Golden wisdom from the Golden girl. Im honored. 😀

  4. Can i come ?! – just kidding congratulations man.

    Thanks Pat. You can visit Bacolod anytime. They used to have a marathon during the Masskara Festival. But haven’t heard one being organized lately.

  5. Donations in kind? Will some of my singlet collections do? haha. Congrats!

    Hmmm… Some oversized singlets would look like nighties in the dark. Might be useful for a honeymoon. Send them in. Hahaha!!!

  6. woah!congrats bro,,,the big day is nearing…kag tama ka gid da sa mga ginahambal practical nalang..kamahal na daaan sang tanan subong..

    teh ako indi invited? he he he

    Sa stag party lg guro, bords. Hehehe. Goodluck sa Philippine’s Best Humor Blogs. Naks. High Level.

  7. Maybe I’m old fashion — the wedding is more important for the bride — she gets to walk down the aisle in her wedding dress only once in a lifetime (theoretically). As such, make sure that what’s important to her and for her are taken cared of. And don’t just take at face value what she tells you — she might say yes to some of the cuts, but might be sad inside. Just make sure you read her right.

    As for the groom — it doesn’t matter, right, you’re getting the bride!!! But, I like how you’re thinking. Just don’t overdo it too much that your bride feels you’re not making it your really special day!!

    Agree. Wedding is important for the bride. That’s why she does the preparation. I do the blogging. Hehehe.

    Kidding aside. I’ll take a note on your advise on not taking it at face value. The gown is still her dilemma. Kahit siya naguguluhan if she should spent that much for a gown.

  8. I know how hard and expensive wedding are now these days. But, what’s important is “kayong dalawa.”

    Our wedding is over-the-top – in terms of “couple” level. My husband hails from Cebu and me from Manila. But we got married in BATANES. Just the two of us with the priest, our two sponsors (who were our liaison for the preparation), the choir and the cooks as our guests.

    We might have been a bit selfish and had our wedding all to ourselves. But it was all worth it. And regarding video? You don’t need one. Photos last more than videos.

    Here’s some of ours:

    Wow… Batanes. We wanted to go there as well. In our case, it will be a celebration with family and friends. Hakot to.

  9. To Quennie: You know what you want, right? Then design your own dream gown. It has to be elegantly simple and flattering and most important of all, you must be comfortable wearing it! Bridal gowns cost a fortune because the sequins, beads, stones, etc. are hand-sewn. It would be a lot cheaper if you buy a cloth already furnished with these accessories. You can have a basic dress but accentuate it with this fully-loaded cloth. Or, you can visit Carolina’s Lace Shoppe and shop for their one-of-a-kind accents. You can have the most beautiful bridal gown without draining your savings. Dare to be different! All you need is sheer creativity and a good gown maker. It doesn’t mean that the one who charges more is the one better.

    Thanks Nora. That’s her idea too. We have a lot of DIY ideas for the wedding like making our own invitations, giveaways, albums, music compilations, etc. And we still have plenty of time to do them.

  10. it’s nice that you’re concerned with the wedding itself. just be practical. a simple church wedding is very nice. what is important is the MARRIAGE. My then bf called off his marriage proposal to me since i wanted a simple church wedding. he wanted a civil wedding because church wedding is very expensive according to him and he cant afford it. but what is important to me is the blessing that living with somebody for the rest of your life needs a blessing from God. He didnt understand that and he left me for another girl. I admire you and your girlfriend. pray always and wishing you the best in life. GOD bless!

  11. Thanks for nice article

  12. i agree with all your thoughts, jin. like what nora had said, make your marriage the greatest possible, and that means the long years ahead of you and Que as a couple. as long as you both have opened up your desires how your wedding should be, and both of you agrees, there would be less tension after. i know a lot of wedding which spent so much but after a year or two were having very rocky relationship because of financial stress. save money for the life ahead of you both, for your sweet travels together, for your house that will warm your own family that will soon follow. i think i don’t have to mention what happens to a lot of couples who spent fortune and even borrowed money for the wedding, if you can avoid future stress and tension, better avoid it. but i know you and que are both wise persons that’s why you are relying more on your creativity than spending more money. Well wishes to both of you.

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