Posted by: jinoe | July 14, 2008

Taking Care of Wet Running Shoes

Yesterday’s run was a wet and wild event. Surely, those who joined the One Run, One Family, One La Salle Fun Run (OROFOLS) at the Fort had their shoes and socks soaked by the rain. But before you wash those shoes and drying them at the back of the refrigirator, here are some tips on how to clean them and keep those well-loved shoes in good form.

1. Do not machine wash or dry your running shoes. Hand wash them with commercial shoe care products or a common household detergent. You can use a soft brush to take off those stubborn mud and dirt. An old toothbrush should be soft enough for the scrubbing. Make sure to keep the old toothbrush away from the new ones and inform the owner that you used it somewhere else to avoid impending conflict.
2. Take out the lace and the insole when washing. Scrub on the lace. Some don’t recommend scrubbing the insoles in order prolong its life and avoid damaging the shoes. But if it is necessary, use a soft brush and scrub gently.
3. Rinse the shoes well before drying them up.

1. Do not dry shoes in a clothes dryer. This protects both the shoes and the dryer.
2. Never dry the shoes too close to a heat source to accelerate the drying time. Try to place them at a distance instead.
3. Drying the shoes under the sun is best way to dry them and to remove the smell. But don’t expose it too long or too direct so that you wont be left with dried and crispy shoes afterwards.
4. One tip for a fast dry time is to stick bundled up old newspapers inside the shoes. Take the insoles out first, and stick the newspaper in. Try changing it after a few hours to further speed up the process.

Taking care of the smell
1. Rinse the shoes with a disinfectant like Lysol to kill those odour-causing bacteria.
2. Spinkle some baking soda or a foot powder when its almost dried up or before using them again.
3. The faster it dries up, the better. Try using the newpaper trick in drying them up.
4. Try carefully peeping inside of the shoes. Maybe some household pests have made it their sanctuary after leaving your shoes to dry for a long time.

It is a common practice for runners to keep more than one pair of running shoes. The other pair will be handy to keep you on the road while the other one is still drying up. You don’t want to let a wet shoe stop you from running.



  1. […] If your shoes got wet yesterday, you might want to read my other blog entry on cleaning and taking care of those shoes.  You wouldn’t want them to smell afterwards, would you. Read it here:  Taking Care of Wet Running Shoes […]

  2. Great tips Jinoe!! Wish you posted it yesterday — I’ve already washed my shoes but they’re being air-dried. Luckily, I bought a new pair last week. That;s what I used to work out at the gym this morning. Looks like there will be more wet days ahead. I wonder if I should continue running outside — maybe I’ll spend more time at the treadmill instead.

    I was busy sleeping yesterday that’s why I wasn’t able to post this. Hehehe. I also got a gym membership at Metropolis for the treadmill just in case I miss my runs due to a rainy weather.

  3. thanks for the tips. 🙂
    good thing i used my nb 1223 trainers yesterday. as i found out… they’re waterproof! haha! 🙂

  4. Jinoe, thanks as well for the tips. It’s something that I mention to customers at the store. It’s amazing how many seasoned runners in SF love to throw their running shoes in a washing machine.

    Hope you ran well yesterday. Wow, over 5,000 runners!

  5. Hey Manokan,

    Great tip! My favorite running shoes already got thrashed at the MensHealth Run last May, kaya nuong umulan last Sunday, medyo inggat na ko duon sa second pair ko 🙂 Kung nagkataon, two wasted shoes in less than 3 months. Masyadong ekspensib na yun.


    Hi BarracudaRunner, Alaga din ako sa sapatos. I just bought one a few months ago for the long runs being planned this year. Ayoko masira yun. Sayang e. At ayoko bumili pa uli ng isa.

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