Posted by: jinoe | July 14, 2008

One La Salle Run (OROFOLS)

This will be my last run for the month. Usually, I only join fun runs once a month. But the long runs attracted me lately. There was the 15KMizuno Infinity run and the 21K Manila Half Marathon Challenge. This time it’s a 10 miler (16kms) at my favorite running destination, The Fort.

One Run, One Family, One La Salle (OROFOLS) is organized by the De La Salle Alumni Association for its scholarship projects and other charitable projects. They had a great website to provide the information needed for the event. They even had a preview of the singlet on the website and locations of the different registrations centers. Since this was mainly a La Sallian family event, I expected the venue to be dominated by green and white.

Where’s the Animo?
I am a full green-blooded La Sallian. I had my education from elementary (Gr 1-7), High School (Gr. 8-11) and 5 years of Engineering at La Salle Bacolod. That’s 16 years of La Sallian education but I am not sure what Animo really means. But for me, Animo stands for that La Sallian stardard of excellence, and its quest for that excellence. However, the running event fall short of my expectation on excellence. It was a disaster for several reasons.

For starters, there was poor crowd control. When we arrived, there a long line of people at the baggage area. It was only manned by two people. One writing the numbers on the tape. And another receiving the bags and taping them. After the race, Quennie saw that there was no one assisting in the baggage area and she had to page for someone to take care of the baggage.

When the 3K and 5K runners (and a lot of walkers…) converged, the road got really crowded. It started to look like a lovapalooza event with the lovers walking hand in hand. Some of the 16K runners were already shouting at those who are walking to give way since the walkers are slowing them down. This is one of the disadvantage of having similar routes for all race events.

The worst part is the lack of marshals at the corners and intersections. The organizers expects us to watch for the markers or to have memorized the map posted in the website. But the markers were not there all the time. We even got confused at the very first turn for the 16K. The lead pack took a right turn while the others took the left turn. Thus, from the very start, some runners were running on a different course. There were even 3K runners following the 5K route. And 5K runners, following the 3K route.

They should learn that runners are spoiled superior life forms. We want to be pampered with our needs for water, security, and direction. It’s not easy running these distances and these basic things should be the least of our problem. Besides, it’s not the Amazing Race where we should ask people for directions on which way to go to in order to arrive first at the pit stop.

Water and Freebies Galore
If it’s any consolation, the event was overflowing with water and freebies. There was plenty of water stations at the route serving ice cold bottled water. I wasn’t even starting to sweat yet when a water station was already in sight.

At the finish line, a lot of freebies were given away. There were loot bags for the runners. Quennie and I got a Men’s Health and T3 magazine. I thought they were giving away FHM too. There was a booth giving away free Milo, Krispy Kreme and Gatorade.

Did I mention that there were a lot of pretty girls too? No, they are not freebies. But imagine: girls, white shirt, rain. Hmmm…

Another good finish

It started to rain a few minutes before the race started. And then, a longer downpour after 30 minutes. This caused my shoes and feet to be soaked. I should have used the other shoe that I reserved for this kind of weather.

I started slow this time so that I don’t get easily tired. The route was mostly flat so I thought I should make it at around 1hr and 30 mins. After an hour of running, I started to compute my possible finish time. That’s when I realized I was running slow to meet my target time and had to catch up. I run faster at the last 5 kms. I reached the finish line at 1hr and 37 minutes. Quennie finished her 5K at 30mins.

One Family

It was really a La Sallian event since we got to sing the Alma Mater song. Hey, it has been a long time since I last sung that song. And when the last Hail, Hail, Hail was sung, the La Salle brothers who were in stage started to leave. I got the chance to have some pictures with them.

I got to see one of my teachers in high school, Bro. Dennis Magbanua. He was my religious studies teacher during 3rd Year. He joined the 16K run also. I was glad he still remembers me.

A big photo ops was with Bro. Roly Dizon. He was our University President then. I got the chance to take my picture with him. After all this time, this was the closest I can get.

I never got the chance to get a picture with Bro Felipe Belleza. He was my class adviser during 2nd year high school. He just got lost in the crowd. Too bad… Bro. Dennis said he was trying to hide since he never joined any of the event. And to think he was the athletic one.

By the way, I realized that when the brothers are not wearing their white uniforms, they bring a white towel instead.

The Aftermath
Since, my shoe got wet, I cleaned it up upon arriving home. Then, I had the usual long sleep after the long run. And since I reached my 200km mileage last week, I rewarded myself with a pizza at Yellow Cab. No strained muscle. No injuries.

If your shoes got wet yesterday, you might want to read my other blog entry on cleaning and taking care of those shoes. You wouldn’t want them to smell afterwards, would you?
Read it here: Taking Care of Wet Running Shoes

Next race
Because of this picture, I am convinced that I should join the Men’s Health Miracle Run on August 17. Next week, I will take a rest from my long runs while maintaining my 5K or 10K run during weekdays. I’ll spend sometime for myself other than run and sleep next Sunday. Then, Id be back for my marathon practices. I might join the 10K event during the Milo Marathon – Manila on August 3.

I wasn’t able to have a closer pose because (1) I was still wet from the sweat and rain, and (2) Quennie was the one taking the shot.

I won’t be joining the TNF North Face Ultra Marathon. The venue is a bit far for me. I’ll stick on the runs in the city for a while. I hope I can get a carpool though. To those who are joining this event next week, good luck and enjoy.



  1. Hi Manokan,

    Congrats for finishing the 10 miler. I was there too but I joined the 5K race — it’s just too early for me to venture into 16K territory. Hopefully, I can start joining 10K runs by next month.

    It’s sad that all the preparation went down to last minute poor race management. I’m with the DLSAA as an elected officer and I would like to personally apologize for the hiccups — but, I’m glad we’re all taking it in stride — besides, it’s our first attempt at a race event. I promise the next time will be better. Unfortunately, too, I will never use our race organizer again. They just failed us in the crunch.

    I hope to meet up with you one of these days and advance congratulations on your upcoming wedding.

    Animo La Salle!!

    Hi Johnny. I sure hope the next one will be better. I did expect some problems since it was the first time. Most first time organized races would have that. Basta, supporta pa rin ako sa next race.

    By the way, here’s my blog on Quennie’s first 10K run. I helped her train for it and we did well. Hope this inspires you for that 10K goal.
    F.A.M.E. Fun Run 2007

  2. Hi Manokan, I am the white guy in the picture, the only one that did not put his arm up when they sang their La Salle song… It gave me gooze bumps when they sang it and it was a pity they only sang it twice as a third time would have just gotten everyone to realy shout out the last part of the song. It was brilliant. The race was a bit of a let down though. I was happy for the rain at least it cooled us down. I must add Mary-Anne was great in the pre race organising the event but that was as far as it went. I had to guess at least twice where the route is and had to ask once. Hindi mabuti. But overall nice route with not to many hills. Hope to see you at Milo as I will try the marathon 42km. Lokoloko ako pero sabik na sabik ako (not bad for a wnhite person hey?)

    Hi Philip. Thanks for dropping by. I got a stolen shot ey. Good luck on the marathon. Im still practicing for it. See you next time.

  3. Hi Manokan,

    You did an exact narration of what happened in last Sunday’s run. A bit disappointing but still looking forward to One La Salle’s next attempt. I actually had a good expectation because last year’s Animo Run, organized by the students, was well organized.

    Like you, I joined the 16k but I finished only 13K. I knew where to go so I did the first loop correctly which was about 8K but on my second loop, I did only the 5K route. When I reached 11th avenue and had to turn right, with the 16K arrow to the right, I did a left turn instead because there was a guy shouting at all runners to turn left. We asked, `pati 16k?’ and he said `oo pati 16k’. There was one guy runner I heard asking `sigurado ka ha?’ and he confirmed again `oo sigurado’. So, we all turned left. I finished early at 1hr32mins because it was only 13K. Had I ran 16K, I was expecting to finish by 2hrs. It was still a nice run though because of the cool weather.

    More power and hope to see you at the next race!

    I also joined the Animo Run last year. Like you said, it was well organized and I had similar expectations. Anyway, there’ll be plenty races to run. I’m looking forward for a part 2. See you.

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