Posted by: jinoe | July 11, 2008

Who deserves the seat?

It was a moral dilemma.

Last night I left the office a bit late to finish some tasks. I rushed to the bus station to make sure I still have a seat. I found an aisle seat near the door which is my favorite spot. Upon seating, I took my cellphone out of my pocket to play a game. This is a rally race game and I have been stuck at a certain track. I wanted to finish 2nd in the track to unlock a new car that will be much faster. I have been playing this track for several months already but I always end up third. Desperate to finish it, I play it while on the bus going to and from work and even before I sleep at night.

The bus was about to leave when a lady’s arm suddenly flashed in front of me. It was a long slender arm with well-manicured nails. She had a nice Filipina tan and sexy hairs on those arms that were neatly arranged as if they were combed. The bangles she was wearing was simple but elegant. She was reaching out to the seat’s headrest in front of me in order to lean on and gain balance while the bus was moving.

I took a quick look at her while maneuvering a sharp turn in the game I was playing. She was wearing those tight skinny jeans and a sleeveless top. Her dark long hair was covering her face but the way she carries herself, I can say she was a fine woman. I was definitely distracted by her since I finished third again.

I must have been so occupied with playing that I didn’t even notice the bus was already moving and some people were already standing. And here right beside me is a fair young lady, probably in her early 20s, just standing inside the bus. I wonder why no one offered a seat. I took a glance in front and noticed that the aisle seat was either taken by a woman or a guy with a partner. Obviously, they can’t give up their seats for her.

I used to stand in a bus. Back in Bacolod, I would often give up my seat when travelling from Bacolod to Hinigaran. That’s about 50 kilometers and an hour ride. So I would stand for one hour. I offer my seat most often to the elderly, pregnant women, or those with kids. The traffic isn’t that bad, so tonight will be about a 20-30 minute ride. Though this lady doesn’t meet my primary criteria, a man’s gotta do, what a man’s gotta do.

I stopped playing and placed the cellphone on my pocket. I was about to stand up when I turned my back and saw another woman standing about two seats behind. This time she was a bit older. Maybe in her late 40s. I paused and thought.

Who deserves the seat?

The older woman deserves it by default. But she is a bit far from where I am seating. The younger lady is just right beside me. If I stand up and offer the seat, the lady will definitely think its for her and will take the seat. And once I tell her, it’s not for her, she’d be embarrased.

Therefore, by the rule of close proximity, the lady deserves the seat. She is closer to me and is at the right place at the right time. But if I give it to her, I would look like a opportunistic pig flirting with a girl when there’s an older lady behind. And to think I’m engaged.

So who deserves the seat?

A text message I received a few months ago was the answer.

Boy1: Pre, hindi ko talaga kaya tingnan ang mga babae na nakatayo lang sa bus habang ako ay nakaupo?
Boy2: So, ano ginawa mo?
Boy1: Syempre, pinikit ko na lang ang mga mata ko!

And I did something similar. I placed my hand back in my pocket to get some bills for the bus fare. Just to make it less obvious. Then I took my cellphone again and started playing. It must have been the right choice since after a few tries, I finally was able to place second and got the new car unlocked. Yes!

Life really gives us a lot of choices. But the best choice, like in this case, is always the simplest one. Who deserves the seat? I do. Mahal na pamasahe ngayon e.



  1. pre quote ko lang yung comment mo sa multiply ko waay back.

    “Bakit biglang dumarami ang magagandang babae na nakikita mo kapag malapit ka na ikakasal? Hmmm…”

    hehe! nice blog! 😛

  2. Extremely difficult decision — I wonder if the decision would have been easier if you weren’t engaged? 🙂

  3. hahaha..this post made my day! thank you!

  4. hahaha….indi ko ya mag-upod sa imo sa bus. 😀

    Hehehe… kung gabusong ka lg a. papungkuon ta gd ka.

  5. just think for the “equal rights” we are fighting for. hahaha! i just remembered my former coach pulling me to his right side when we are crossing the street while saying, “dito ka nga… hihingi kayo ng equal rights equal rights. hayan ang equal rights nyo.” hahaha!

  6. hmmm.. i think the old lady deserved the seat. you could’ve just chatted with the young woman and told her na “paupuin ko lang yung babae sa likod ha?”. even if the fare is higher, it should not take away our respect for older people.

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