Posted by: jinoe | July 4, 2008

The Pre-marital Chronicles – Location, Location, Location

Last May, we went back to Bacolod to look for possible venues. We checked out some hotels and resorts where we can have our dream wedding.

Quennie and I wanted a garden wedding. So we were looking for a place that have a nice garden and will have a provision when it rains. We need a place that can accommodate around 200-250 guests. We also wanted the place near a venue for the reception. Although if the wedding venue would have catering services also, then it will be much better.

After going around the city for 2 days, we have more or less have a decision. We decided to go for Palmas del Mar as our wedding venue. They have a nice garden. They have catering services so there is no need to transfer after the wedding. They have a good wedding package. We believe that this place best suited our needs for the wedding.

View more pictures of Palmas del Mar at our photo albums.

Other venues we have visited and considered are the following:

L’ Fisher Hotel
– No garden. Not big enough. Expensive.
Business Inn – No garden. Has a big ballroom. Reasonable.
Planta Centro Bacolod – Has a garden but very bare. Suite rooms are beautiful. We liked it. A bit expensive. We heard the food is not that good.


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