Posted by: jinoe | June 30, 2008

Mizuno Rush to Infinity Run 2008

I haven’t run any road races yet since he year started. I was unfortunate to have missed the first Mizuno Infinity Run last March. I didn’t make it to the registration cut off time. Luckily, they organized another Mizuno run last Sunday. And I made sure I get to run this one. I signed up for the 15km run.

An Early Bird
I arrived at the starting line as early as 4:00 am. Race will start at 5:30. I was alone this time since Quennie had to go somewhere else. The problem of being alone is that you tend to think of yourself only. As a result, after a few minutes I started to feel hungry. So I went to the nearest McDonald’s and had a hotcake. No wonder I felt heavy while running.

After eating I hurriedly left to be back at the the starting line. I was about to place my music player in my shorts when I realized that my shorts was worn incorrectly. The front side pocket was at the back. Since it is still early, I made my way to a dark side of the road and under a tree I dropped my shorts to fixed it fast. I dont want a car to flash its headlight on me. It would be too embarrasing.

The 15km runners were to start first. While at the starting point I get to see other runners and bloggers. I got to see them in person finally.

Something Familiar
We started with a familiar route. Going from 5th Avenue to Lawton Avenue and down to Libingan nga mga Bayani and back again. Its the same route as most of my 10km runs at The Fort. I was careful not to start fast since I always ran out of air during the uphills on the way back. I joined a pack of runners and if I can, I would run faster to catch the next pack. But in the end, I’d fall back and ran behind the same people.

After the 10km turnaround point, the 15km runners went inside the Heritage Park. It was a good route since it was free of cars and smoke. But this is where I started to feel tired. I stopped and walk for a few minutes to recharge, knowing that after this path will be a tough uphill. And there were photographers now moving back and forth to take pictures. I wonder if they took my picture too. Despite feeling tired, I have to keep my composure for the pictures. Hehehe.

After the Heritage Park, we were back to the main road. We are now running with the 10Km runners. On my mind I told myself that running the 15km was an easy move. I mean I just have to add the path inside the Heritage Park from my previous runs and that was it. I was wrong. Very wrong.

To Infinity
Aside from the Heritage Park, we have to get inside McKinley Hill and run at the Upper McKinley Road from end to end. The name speaks for itself. Hill and Upper is a bad combination. It was a long and steep hill to run. Since I haven’t included any uphill run in my practices, this was a true test for me. So much for thinking it was easy. I keep on telling myself I love hills to keep me motivated. But I walked a couple of times to catch some air.

After McKinley Hill, it was about 3-4 kms more to the finish line. I started to pick up my pace and run a bit faster. When I looked at my watch, I tried to estimate that I’d finish it past 1 hour and 40 minutes. Once we were back to the 5th Avenue, I know I was close and made a dash to the finish line. According to my watch, I finished the race at 1 hour and 32 minutes. Not bad. It was a good time for me. I thought I’d arrive 10 minutes later.

I stayed for a while for the raffle. They were giving away 1 month Fitness First Memberships and Oakley shades. But I never won in raffles. Haay…

I think the Mizuno Infinity Race made a lot of improvements from the first one. I definitely like the route. I’m going to run this one again and beat my time. Mineral water and Rush was overflowing. My only regret is that they ran out of singlets. What I got was the small size when we registered and I can’t use it. Too bad, the singlet were nice to wear.

The Aftermath
My right leg hurt right after the race. I did a few stretchings and made a long walk after the race. Right now it is well. I can walk normally but I struggle to walk up the stairs.

Upon arriving home, I had a light breakfast and slept for four hours. I woke up just in time to see the final rounds of Manny’s fight. I know he’d win this fight.

Race Results
The official race results for Rush to Inifinity Run is out now. Click here for the list of results by category.
My official time was 1h:44m:14s. There would be usually some delays in the encoding of the time that’s why there will be some difference with the official time and with what I have on my watch.

Next Race
The Manila Half Marathon Challenge was rescheduled to next week, July 6. I hope it doesn’t rain.



  1. Hey, congratulations on the 15K! Hope everything’s okay with your leg.

    I saw the fight on cable last night here. Manny’s a heck of a fighter. Take care. – Wayne

  2. that’s how i felt when i first ran through mckinley the first time 😀 great blog! see you on sunday

    See you. 😀

  3. Will see you in the Manila 1/2 marathon.

    Hi Pat, see you Sunday. It rained early morning today so I missed my weekly mileage. I hope it doesn’t have an effect on my upcoming run.

  4. Jinoe, Loonyrunner and Patrick…good luck to you guys on Sunday! Hopefully, the weather will cooperate for all of the runners.

    If it was raining the last time, this time it was hot. But we all finished it.

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