Posted by: jinoe | June 27, 2008

Stool Stories

If there is one exam I don’t want to take, its the Annual Physical Exam. I hate it so much that this will be my second hate blog about that. The first one was here. I hated the undressing in front of the doctor, getting the specimens, plus all the blood and dirt.

Yesterday, we had our Annual Physical Exam at our office. But instead of making it ruin my day, my officemates and I made a lot of good jokes about it. Very colored jokes actually so dont read them while eating.


Getting the stool specimen is the nastiest part of all. Some of us had a hard time producing them during the day. So one of our officemates suggested:

“Pre, sino pa walang ‘ebs’ dyan? May binebenta sa baba. Per kilo. Minimum 1 kilo.”

I just can’t imagine how they would sell those things.


The annual exam was supposed to be last Tuesday but was moved to give way to an important meeting.
Our admin announced the change in the schedule.

“Paano yan? May stool na ako.”

“Ok lang yan. Lagay mo muna sa ref para hindi mapanis.”


“Pre, may result na daw sa stool exam mo.  May nakita daw sila na problema.”

“Di nga.  Mabilis a.”

“May reseta na rin na gamot ang doctor.  Combantrin daw.”


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