Posted by: jinoe | June 25, 2008

The Office Breakfast Club – Culture Crash

We often have visitors from other countries who would visit our office. It is intereseting to see how the different cultures would clash and something funny would result from it. Here are a few stories…


We went out for dinner and had a buffet at a Filipino restuarant. It was his first time to visit the Philippines. We wanted to offer the best Filipino foods. So for dessert we gave him a halo-halo on a goblet topped with gelatin. It was well presented with all the fancy and vibrant colors of the halo-halo.

When he received it, his first reaction was, “What is that? A ladies drink?”

“No,” we replied.

“Ah, it looks like a ladies drink to me except that it doesn’t have the umbrella.”


When our CEO came over, he told us that her wife was going to Taal Volcano. Being a mountain enthusiast himself, he asked how tall was the volcano.

Our officemate replied, “Actually, its not that tall. It’s a volcano that you look down at, and not look up to.”

Our CEO was a bit confused.


For a new project, several of our US counterparts came over the country for a face-to-face meeting. During lunch, we decided to order food from our canteen, instead of falling in line with the rest of the employees. The canteen attendant gave us the menu for the day. The menu was


We decided to translate the names or describe the food so that our counterparts can choose well from them. We must have done an awful job describing the food since they asked if a hamburger was available and ordered from those instead.



  1. jinoe, I saw your response on BR’s blog and wanted to check out yours. I like your blog, especially this last post! I’ve got to say that you did your best to translate. You’ve seen my posts a few times on baldrunner’s blog and hopefully, I’ll be visiting the Philippines either November or December.

    I can assure you this…hamburger won’t be in my vocabulary when I visit!

    Good luck this Sunday at Mizuno. – Wayne

    Hi Wayne, thanks for dropping by. November and December will be a great time to visit the country. Just hope it doesnt rain that hard when you’re here.

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