Posted by: jinoe | June 20, 2008

My 21Km Goal

It all started with a frustration of not running a 10Km marathon during the schools sportsfest in high school. That’s why, part of my personal goals is to run a full 10km before reaching the age of 40. I did that last 2005 and have been doing it often in the past years.

So what’s next… I had no choice but to raise the bar. Now my goal is to run a full marathon (42km) before I reach 40. I guess, I might reach the goal sooner than I think. But before tackling a full marathon, I’ll be running a half marathon (21km) on Sunday.

When I started running 3-4x a week last April, my goal was just to shed off the excess pounds I gained when the year started. So far, I lost 2 inches on my tummy. But running became addicting. I started increasing my mileage on my long runs every week. From 5 kms, to 8 kms, to 10 kms, to 16 kms.

Last May, I saw the schedule for the 2008 Manila Half Marathon Challenge. I decided to start practicing for that. I even kept a log and a training plan to make the 21km run. Previously, my longest run was a 10 miler (~16kms). So 21km will be another milestone in my running career.

So this is it. I paid for the registration yesterday. Rain or shine, I will take on the half marathon challenge.

Rain or shine..? but there is storm coming over the weekend… Hmmm…


The run was postponed due to the typhoon. It is rescheduled on July 6. Same time, same place.

I woke up 3am last Sunday and prepared to leave the house for the fun run. But it was raining and the winds was a bit strong. I decided to sleep again. That was a good idea.



  1. Frank is expected to cross Luzon over the weekend…

    Sige, goodluck sa dalagan… hehehe… Palayuay lang lakat kag saka bukid, ok lang ko….
    Indi mabatuan ang dalagan… Damo na gid adipose tissue deposits… haha!

  2. good luck sa sunday! basta ha, bisan kapoy… gwaputaya…

  3. Hay
    You have 1 of the most entertaining Blogs.
    Hope to meet you soon.
    i will be running the Manila 1/2 marathon on july.6,2008. My race bib no. is 337
    Patrick Concepcion

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