Posted by: jinoe | June 12, 2008

Way of the Sun

Viaje del Sol or “Way of the Sun”. That’s what they call the journey to the hidden destinations in Laguna, Batangas and Quezon. If you thought Laguna was just for the hot spring resorts, Batangas was just for beaches and Quezon was just for the mountain trekkers, Viaje del Sol will surprise you.

Viaje del Sol is a collection of destinations in the three provinces south of Manila. It’s an invitation to experience the peaceful countryside and escape the stressful life in the city. Quennie and her officemate, Helen, planned it last week. Currently, it is composed of 19 destinations. We cannot visit all of these places in one day. So we decided just to pick a few places which are close to each other. See the Viaje del Sol map here or click here for more of our photos at Multiply.

1. Kusina Salud – This was our first destination. A great stop over for breakfast. It has that real countryside ambiance with wood and antiques. The food was great. The servings were generous. I like the vegetable lumpia. I also liked viewing the display of antiques, woodworks and even vintage clothes. There is a small aviary also. They have separate areas for breakfast and lunch. If you want to go here, make sure you make reservations since there are a lot of people who would go here. Among the destinations we have visited, this is my favorite.

2. Ugu Bigyan – Pottery Garden – Second destination. We just had our breakfast and our next stop over was lunch at Ugu’s Pottery Garden. The facade was a simple red clay house. But inside is lush garden with Ugu’s creations with clay. You could view his works at the gallery, walk around the garden, have lunch, or rest at the cottages and hammocks. The displays are for sale. Great for pasalubong but a bit expensive since they are more than just pots and clay. They are art. Food was a set meal for a minimum of 5 persons. Need to have reservations also. See the contact number of Ugu below. He’s very accomodating.

Ugu Bigyan
Telefax: (042) 545-9144
Mobile: (0917) 560-5708

3. Villa Escudero – Villa Escudero is a plantation turned into a prime resort. Its owned by the Escudero family but I’m not sure how they are related to Chiz Escudero. All we did here was a brief stop since the tour will cost us 800Php. We just took a few pictures and left. But this place has a lot to offer and you could be pampered like a haciendero by the genuine Filipino service and hospitality.

4. Sitio de Amor – Before the sun sets, we had time for one more destination. Sitio de Amor was just a few kilometers away and this was our last stop. It’s has a lagoon, a few overnight rooms, a field ideal for camping and bonfires and a lot of rambutan trees. During the harvest season, you can eat as many rambutans as you like. There’s a small entrance fee which includes some drinks. We just had a stroll along the landscaped lawns and a long rest at tree house. Perfect way to end the day.

Getting there

To get to different places in the Viaje del Sol, I suggest you search for each location in the internet. A lot of bloggers who have visited these places have a more detailed description of the Viaje del Sol. A good reference is The Awesome Planet by Anton Diaz. Just search thru his blogs and Im sure you could get the information you need. This is what we did as well and we brought a notebook with the directions during our road trip.

Although most the places are a bit hidden or away from the main highway, they are easy to locate. There are road signs and key landmarks that you can follow. Luckily we didnt get lost but we have to stop over and ask people if we are still in the right way.

They also provide you a bigger map upon request. Some dont have enough stocks of the map but just ask for it. It’s a good souvenir from the trip.

I also recommend that you contact and make reservations ahead of time to make the trip more meaningful and less hassle.

21% complete We just visited 4 of the 19 destinations. They would add some destinations from time to time as they would find more places for us to be charmed. I’m not sure if we would embark on a second trip to cover the others. But it was surely a great experience and a wonderful discovery.

Click here for more of our photos at Multiply.

Thanks to Helen for sharing her camera and the pictures. 😀



  1. Wow… I will surely try this one if ever I’ll settle there in MM in the coming few months… God willing… 🙂

    Korek. A good alternative to malls when ur in Manila. Sano ka di makadto haw?

  2. Dunno pa… Hehehe… Basi August… Depende sa offer… Hehehe…

    Goodluck lg da a. 😉

  3. Thanks…

    Lol… ginhimo chatroom… 🙂

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